[Review] Original Mattress, one of the best mattress so far

Getting a beauty sleep is essential for everyone to keep healthy, energetic and feeling great during the day. To achieve a good night sleep, pillow and mattress play an important role. As our favourite quote is ‘Sharing is Caring’, so here is one of the best mattresses we have tried so far.

Having been sleeping on this mattress for about 7 nights, we must say that definitely we got our best quality sleep. Origin Hybrid® Mattress is so soft and has cooling sense that makes you feel comfortable throughout the night. We can assure you that this mattress has the same quality you would find in 5 stars hotels. 😀


Hence it’s not a surprise when the Origin Hybrid® Mattress was featured as one of the Best 10 Mattress in Singapore. For more details on this do check out their website.


Introducing you the Origin Mattress founder, Shaun and Gee. They started on their dream by studying consumers and building the perfect sleep formula. They  found the most suitable materials and worked with German design engineer, Frank Richter, to create the optimum mattress for sleep.  Even though the mattress was designed in Germany, Shaun and Gee insisted on producing the mattress locally in Malaysia. We are honoured to support our local products.^^

Origin Mattress founder, Shaun and Gee.
Credit to Express photography


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