K-POP soloist BUDY gifts fans with a video of her new song Fly High

Aiming to connect with a global audience virtually, the singer made a live performance and talked about the backstage of the album

South Korean soloist BUDY shared on her official YouTube channel the live performance of the song Fly High, gifting fans on Christmas eve. It is the second of seven videos that aim to bring a warm atmosphere, despite the social distancing imposed by the pandemics. Named BUDY studio LIVE, the project is a way to connect with the audience, revise past songs of her solo career, and introduce the ones released in 2020.

Fly High was written and produced by BUDY, with an oneiric sound and visual aesthetics and a message about happiness and hope. About the main goal behind the song, released in early December, BUDY said: “I usually have a bold and disperse imagination. I felt an intense feeling of freedom while I imagined myself flying up in the sky and decided to use this as a theme for the new song. It is really like a fantastic daydream, like a fairy tale.”

The goal of the performance was to bring a warm feeling, and it includes comments of the artist herself about her creations, bringing the same feelings of a live environment with an audience. Until the end of January 2021, there will be a new video every Thursday at 9 am.

BUDY made her solo debut in 2019 under Slow Town Music label and is known for her writing and arrangements. The singer increases her fanbase daily thanks to her deep lyrics and her ability to recreate covers of k-pop hits in rhythms such as  R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Funk.

The artist recently drew the attention of Latin American fans, which made her cover hit songs such as Mexican group RBD’s Sálvame and Brazilian singer IZA’s Dona de Mim.

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