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Sessions Teams with Joy Ruckus Club to Present K-Pop SuperFest on Sunday, June 19 Featuring The Boyz and Rain

Livestreaming from the famed Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul, this event will be one of the biggest K-Pop festivals in the world and undoubtedly the biggest K-Pop virtual festival in the Western world.

Link to tickets: sessionslive.com/joyruckusclub

More Info: joyruckusclub.com

Following this week’s announcement of I Hate Being Hated, sessionslive.com/ihatebeinghated, Sessions is thrilled to announce another new collaboration with Joy Ruckus Club, the largest Asian music festival in the world, to present K-Pop SuperFest on Sunday, June 19, 2021 at https://sessionslive.com/joyruckusclub

at 9PM ET. The one-day festival is the first of its kind for Sessions, and features performances from the premiere K-Pop superstars. The exciting line-up includes 11-member K-pop group The Boyz, legendary South Korean pop star Rain, powerhouse vocalist and chart topping singer/songwriter Ailee, and one of K-Pop’s most exciting rapper and singers’ Jessi.  They will be joined by boy band AB6IX, American breakthrough girl group Momoland, singer and rapper Heize, boy bands Cravity and Golden Child, girl group Lovelyz, rapper Bloo, and DJ Soda. K-Pop sensations AleXa and Kevin (The Boyz) will host the global event.

Even as a one-day festival, with livestream filming taking place at the famed Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul, K-Pop SuperFest will be one of the biggest K-Pop festivals in the world and undoubtedly the biggest K-Pop virtual festival in the Western world.

The founder of Joy Ruckus Club, Kublai Kwon made his name as a pioneer of the Asian American music scene. His first cousin is the late great Shin Hae Chul, who is Korea’s first K-pop superstar and creator of the K-pop music genre. According to Kwon, this new festival honors his legacy by highlighting the superstars of K-Pop today.

“Sessions’ growth is rapidly accelerating across Asia,” said Sessions co-Founder Tim Westergren“The K-Pop SuperFest represents another milestone as we bring even larger events to fans across 194 countries and 18 languages. Sessions’ unique combination of gamification and marketing is driving attendance and revenue for artists at an unprecedented level, and our partnership with Kublai and Joy Ruckus Club continues to deepen.” 

Event t-shirts, NFT videos, signed posters, and virtual 1-on-1 meet & greet opportunities with artists will be available in the festival’s and artists’ stores on Sessions. This is the first time that Sessions will be promoting a K-Pop only festival.

Complete Lineup  

  • AB6IX
  • Ailee
  • AleXa
  • Bloo
  • Cravity
  • DJ Soda
  • Golden Child
  • Heize
  • Jessi
  • Lovelyz
  • Momoland
  • Rain
  • The Boyz

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