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Spotify Takes ON! K-Pop with Global Playlist Relaunch

  • K-Pop experienced 230% growth in listenership on Spotify since 2018 and reaches 8 billion monthly streams
  • Revamped playlists to elevate listening and discovery experience for K-Pop fans; promotes emerging and established K-Pop artists

It’s no secret that K-Pop is dominating the global music landscape as the genre and its artists continue to win hearts, change minds, and connect people across the world. In line with this momentum, Spotify is elevating the K-Pop listening experience with a complete relaunch of its influential flagship playlist (and its accompanying Twitter handle), K-Pop Daebak, now known as K-Pop ON! ().

With over 230% growth in listening and with almost 8 Billion monthly streams globally, the genre has definitely taken over Spotify – as noted by the over 4.7M searches for “K-Pop” on the platform across the last 90 days. More detailed data surrounding the K-Pop ON! (온) playlist can be found below.

A destination for K-Pop fandom

K-Pop ON! (온) embodies the idea that ‘K-Pop is always on 100 for the whole world’. The new name is a double-entendre — combining the Korean word ‘온’ meaning, ‘100’, or ‘whole,’ with the English word ‘on’ to display the action of ‘turning on,’ a word that’s accessible to many languages around the world. K-Pop has exploded into an infectious global phenomenon and is taking over the ’whole ()’ world. Every day in the K-Pop dreamland, there are new songs, styles, and trends and the K-Pop fandom is always-on. With K-Pop ON! (온), you’re not just turning on a playlist, you’re turning on the movement.

“K-Pop stands out in the vast world of music as a genre that is not just about the music but a movement encompassing an entire world of fandom, fashion, community, and more. As the world’s leading music streaming platform, Spotify not only curates the listening and discovery experience of K-Pop, but also takes on the role of a platform that drives the movement forward,” said Kossy Ng, Head of Music, Asia at Spotify. “As music lovers, we get how exciting the world of K-pop is and what it means to fans who follow it wholeheartedly. With K-Pop ON! (온), we aim to further elevate the experience for K-Pop fans, and become a catalyst for promoting both emerging and established K-Pop across the globe, connecting fans in authentic and creative ways.”

To celebrate the launch, K-Pop fans can also look forward to a wide swath of some of their favorite K-Pop artists including NMIXX, BTS, aespa, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, NCT Dream, SEVENTEEN, ATEEZ and more on billboards around the world including LA, NYC, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Toronto, with more exciting content to come across the platform and Spotify’s owned channels.

More information can be found via Spotify’s For The Record blog post HERE.

K-Pop ON!() (formerly known as K-Pop Daebak) Playlist Data

  • Most-streamed songs since launch in 2014
    • FANCY by TWICE
    • Kill This Love by BLACKPINK
    • Boy with Luv by BTS
    • As if it’s Your Last by BLACKPINK
    • Bad Boy by Red Velvet
  • Top female groups on the playlist since launch in 2014
    • TWICE
    • Red Velvet
    • ITZY
    • (G)I-DLE
  • Top male groups on the playlist since launch in 2014
    • BTS
    • EXO
    • Stray Kids
    • IKON
  • Top song on the playlist each year since launch
    • 2017: As if it’s Your Last by BLACKPINK
    • 2018: DDU-DU DDU-DU by BLACKPINK
    • 2019: DALLA DALLA by ITZY
    • 2020: WANNABE by ITZY
    • 2021: Next Level by aespa
  • Average monthly discoveries *aka listeners streamed an artist they had never before played on Spotify*
    • 6M per month
    • 75M total in the year

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