Stars Of Big Mouth Dish On Set Chemistry, Lee Jongsuk + Lim Yoona Couple?

The stars of Big Mouth (빅마우스) came together on the morning of July 29th for the drama’s online press conference. Lee Jongsuk, Lim Yoona, Kim Jooheon, Ok Jayeon, Yang Kyungwon along with director Oh Choong Hwan sat down together to greet the media and introduce the drama.

Big Mouth Cast

The show revolves around Lee Jongsuk who plays Park Changho, a lawyer whose life turns upside down after he gets wrapped up in a mysterious murder case. In order to protect his family, he uncovers secrets and must face off against people with power. Lim Yoona plays Park Changho’s wife, a nurse named Go Miho.

When asked about his selections of the cast, Director Oh said that he liked to choose the nicest actors in the industry. “You have the nicest actors sitting next to me, and we had fun shooting the scenes. The actors also have good chemistry. I was a bit worried about Miho’s character, as she is internally strong, sometimes she has to be very rough and sometimes she is soft hearted as well. But because of her soft heartedness, I thought it would be a bit hard to persuade the viewers and I thought of Lim Yoona for the role. I talked with Lee Jongsuk and he agreed that she was perfect for the role.”

Oh Choong Hwan

At the press conference, Lee Jongsuk said “It’s been a thrilling experience to be on set. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on TV and I know that fans have looked forward to this. I feel bad for not coming back sooner”. When asked about his experience working with Director Oh, who he have worked with on While You Were Sleeping, he said “I have great respect for him. He is like a brother to me and when he suggested that I try something new, I joined the cast.” He also added that there are several scenes that were not easy for him to shoot – “My knees are not really good, so I have to be careful of that.”

Lee Jongsuk

On their newlywed couple chemistry, he revealed that “Fans have high expectations on our newlywed couple chemistry, but I’m afraid some will feel disappointed. Most of our scenes are apart. I watched edited scenes of her doing her best on the outside, and that helped me become more immersed in my role.”

Lee Jongsuk with Lim Yoona

In that regard, Lim Yoona also shared “I felt a bit disappointed because we weren’t together in more scenes, because of how the story is. But I was impressed with Lee Jongsuk’s attention to details in his scenes. Though the scenes of us together were limited, there is a scene of us happily remembering our pasts together. I tried my best to pour out all my emotions during that scene.”

Lim Yoona

Kim Jooheon, who plays former star prosecutor Choi Doha, commented on the amazing energy at the shooting location. “It was very good. As the director said, the people in the prison were really rolling on the dirty floor to shoot. The energy itself was different, and I was really surprised.”

Kim Jooheon

Ok Jayeon plays Hyun Juhee, a hospital director at the university hospital. She recounts the moment she first met Lee Jongsuk and were in awe of Lim Yoona. “I met Lee Jongsuk for the first time and it was an honor as I liked his aura very much. I saw Lim Yoona during the script reading and she was so pretty”.

Ok Jayeon

When asked about Kim Jooheon and Yang Kyungwon, “Kim Jooheon plays the role of my husband. I learned a lot from him, he is also stylish and edgy. As for Yang Kyungwon, he is really crazy. He is so free in front of the camera and I am grateful for his inspiration.”

Yang Kyungwon

Big Mouth premieres on Disney+ Hotstar on July 29. Watch the trailer here.

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