Strangers Again: Divorce is easy, but parting ways is hard

Strangers Again is a 12-episode legal romance drama starring Jang Seung-jo (Snowdrop, The Good Detective series, Encounter, Familiar Wife, Hwajung), Kang So-ra (Revolutionary Love, My Lawyer Mr. Joe, Doctor Stranger, Ugly Alert, Sunny), Jo Eun-ji (Lost, Entertainer, Oh My Venus, Beating Again) and Mu Jin-Sung (Beautiful You, Scholar Who Walks the Night, Misaeng: Incomplete Life, A Witch’s Love). This drama tells the story of life and love between two talented lawyers who lived as strangers after their divorce.

The ex-husband, who signed the dotted line on one of the worst divorce agreements of all time has come back into my life. Not to wail ‘come back to me,’ not to ask for more money, but with a nonsensical desire to ‘help me get remarried.’ What is he really after, having ruined my life once already?

Two divorce lawyers who get married after 10 years of dating winds up getting divorced themselves. Oh Ha-ra (Kang So-ra) is a star divorce lawyer. She has good looks and is known to be professional, but is easily enraged when it comes to things that concern her ex-husband, Gu Eun-beom (Jang Seung-jo). Eun-beom is a well-liked lawyer who is gentle and humorous. When the two reunite as colleagues in the same law firm, Ha-ra experiences mixed feelings at Eun-beom’s nonchalant attitude. Eun-beom wishes for Ha-ra’s real happiness and supports her independence. However, the surprising appearance of Eun-beom at work turns Ha-ra’s peaceful life into a roller coaster mixed feelings of rage and heart-fluttering excitement. Can they become the perfect strangers?

Anticipation is high for <Strangers Again> as Kang So-ra returns to the small screen for the first time since 2018. Not to forget viewers’ expectation of Jang Seung-jo who proved his acting skills through recent highly-rated dramas like <The Good Detective> series & <Snowdrop>. Viewers can expect an entertaining storyline of how these two will manage their relationship after the divorce and what will happen to them working together again.

This will be a drama that showcases numerous relatable issues about the romance and careers of people in adulthood. As it is focusing on a divorced couple unlike ordinary break up love stories, the production and cast are able to show viewers a wide variety of emotions.

The drama is produced by KT Studio Genie, which gained noteworthy attention lately after working on popular series <Extraordinary Attorney Woo> and <Gaus Electronics>.

Strangers Again will premiere on K-PLUS starting 19 January 2023, Thursday at 6.45pm (GMT+8). New episodes will air weekly every Thursday & Friday at 6.45pm (GMT+8).

K-PLUS is available on: USEETV Indihome, DENSTV, Astro, UnifiTV, Cignal, SKY Cable, CableLink.

Premieres 19 January 2023,
every Thursday & Friday at 6.45pm (GMT+8)
Express from Korea
Encore Sunday at 5.30pm (GMT+8)

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