The Glory Takes #3 Spot In Global Non-English TV List Within 3 Days After Its Premiere

In just three days after its premiere on 30 December 2022, Korean series The Glory raced to the third spot in the Netflix Global Top 10 TV (Non-English) list, while also making the Top 10 in 19 countries, including Malaysia.

To celebrate the success of the series, Netflix has revealed a look behind the scenes with exclusive BTS imagery and previously unreleased stills.

Since its announcement, fans were excited by the star-studded cast and intrigued that the two queens of rom-com — actress Song Hye-kyo and script writer Kim Eun-sook — were returning to the screen in a revenge drama. With a surprise transformation from the leading actress and the writer of the series stepping out from their comfort zone to concoct a detailed revenge plot that has been devised over two decades, the series has gotten the viewers hooked.

Following the story of a victim-turned-avenger Moon Dong-eun, audiences have derived great satisfaction in seeing the victim triumph over the bullies in this series. Global media are also chiming in on the praise behind this intricate story with complex motives and emotions. Praising Song Hye-kyo’s “nuanced portrayal of Dong-eun”, a review from Forbes states that the actress delivered “a fractured fixated character, so hell-bent on destroying her tormentors that she derives little happiness from her own existence”. Datebook’s review adds, “Moon Dong-eun is playing a long game, which is fine because she has no other plans. She is an artist, and revenge is her masterpiece.”

Don’t miss out on the eight episodes of the first part of The Glory, now streaming on Netflix. Stay tuned for the continuation of this intricate revenge story in Part 2, coming to Netflix in March 2023!

About The Glory

Director: An Gil-ho
Writer: Kim Eun-sook
Starring: Song Hye-kyo, Lee Do-Hyun, Lim Ji-yeon, Yeom Hye-ran, Park Sung-hoon, Jung Sung-il et al.
Production: Hwa & Dam Pictures
Distribution: Netflix

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