[Event Coverage] 2023 WOODZ [OO-LI] World Tour In Kuala Lumpur – A Glimpse Of The Press Conference And Concert



Soloist Cho Seungyoun aka WOODZ recently met with Malaysian media and fans in a press conference ahead of his 2023 WOODZ WORLD TOUR OO-LI IN KUALA LUMPUR on June 11.

WOODZ shared that he loves Malaysian weather albeit it’s a bit hot now and he would like to experience night market in Malaysia. When asked what food he wants to try, WOODZ mentioned that he would love to try the Malaysian version of nasi goreng.

During the press conference, WOODZ thanked MOODZ who attended the event and for the concert the day after. He shared that he tried to convey his journey so far in the “OO-LI” world tour together with the fans.


MOODZ were in for a treat as their idol performed about 20 songs during the concert. Despite having a cold, WOODZ did not disappoint and did his best to make sure MOODZ had the time of their lives with his performance on stage.


Getting energy from Malaysian MOODZ, WOODZ slayed the almost 2-hour concert with ease. And aside from his original songs from all of his albums, WOODZ’s special rendition of Ismail Izzani’s “Luar Biasa” made MOODZ swoon all the way. A little birdie told us that he practiced for only 2 weeks, but manage to make the song his.

Who can forget the craze over NewJeans’ Hype Boy. WOODZ covered the song at the concert but with a twist, a guitar accompaniment. As he ended the song, he danced a little of the chorus part while fans chanted “한번또” which means “one more time”. Hearing this, without hesitation, he belted out the song’s chorus once again.

During one of the breaks, WOODZ started reading the fans’ placard, with requests from singing a Happy Birthday song, to a congratulations on a future wedding nuptial. How many times do you get  congratulated by your favourite singer? This interaction will truly be embedded in the fan’s memories forever, and WOODZ made their special day extra memorable.

The 2-hour show truly went by so fast for the fans, but WOODZ made every single moment memorable. He thanked all the fans who came to support him, and also made the fans to always be Sihat, Ceria dan Sayang Sendiri (Happy, Healthy and Love Yourself).

A special thank you to iMe Malaysia for the invitation.

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