Sun Lee @ the 2008 Miss Universe pageant

The showdown between the beauties of the Universe will be on July 14 in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

All this while, the girls have been kept busy with photoshoots, fittings, touring Ho Chi Minh City, shopping (of course!), a charity auction dinner and the National Costume parade.

Kiss kiss: Sun Lee attends the Welcome Party –
Exclusive pic from

I’ve been wondering what Miss Korea Universe Sun Lee is up to. Her Vlog entry at the official Miss Universe website only has one group photo of her :-(.

And so, I headed to Ines Ligron’s blog – Sun Lee’s coach – and discovered a short video interview of Sun while souvenir shopping at a jewellry store with the rest of the beauty delegates.

Sun, who spoke in English, said: “I love Vietnam.” (2:04 onwards)

When asked what she liked about the country, the 25-year-old beauty replied: “I think people? They are so kind, so so pure and warm-hearted. I love them.”

National Costume: A Korean Warrior
Don’t mess with her: Sun Lee wields her sword

In other Sun Lee-related news, not only has her choice of National Costume caused a buzz, but the word on the Internet is that Sun’s Etro silk gown she wore for an official photo has been worn on a different occasion by the reigning Miss Universe Riyo Mori of Japan.

Same gown: Two different beauties, one beautiful dress

Oh, and check it out, Miss Korea and Miss Malaysia got together for a photograph! Aww….

Pretty ladies: Just before the National Costume parade,
(l – r) Miss Malaysia, Miss Korea and Miss Vietnam got
together for a photo opportunity

So what’s up with Miss Malaysia Universe Levy Li Su Lin? Her Vlog has 7 photos and a video – much more than Sun Lee’s…for now.

Curious about Miss Malaysia’s National Costume? Here it…er, is.

Stand out: I don’t know about you, but all I
see is a clash of colours

Warrior too?: While Sun Lee has a samurai sword to
complete her costume, Levy Li is holding a keris (dagger) in her hand