Get cheaper K-drama DVDs in Singapore!

korean dvd boxsets MLSS Coffee Prince
My Coffee Prince and Lovely Samsoon box sets

Hey you can get cheap Korean drama DVD box sets in Singapore during the Great Singapore Sale (GSS).

Over dinner, I told Fraulein i have yet to see Coffee Prince because purchasing the box-set in Malaysia would cost me around RM149. So after dinner at Jang Shou Korean restaurant Fraulein took me to a place just across the street to buy Korean drama DVDs.

When we were crossing the street from Esplanade Mall to Marina Mall, we could see Ritz Carlton Hotel. Folks, that’s where Rain and his crew stayed during the 2007 I’m Coming World Tour.

Ritz Carlton Hotel Singapore is the
one on the right of Mandarin Oriental

Fraulein brought me to TS at Marina Mall where among other things, they sell Korean movies and Korean drama DVDs! To my delight, Singapore has a really good selection. Since it was during the Great Singapore Sale (23 May – 20 July 2008), i bought the Coffee Prince original box set for S$20 (RM48.20). I also asked if they have My Lovely Sam-soon and ended up purchasing that for S$20 (USD14.70) too.

TS at Marina Mall

They also sell Korean movies at around S$16 – 18 per movie. Since the movies are not that cheap, i decided not to buy any. Although they do have some pretty good titles. At that time, they had a promotion where if you buy three movies, you get one free.

I am very happy with my purchases because the quality of the DVD is very good. It’s original and thus very clear plus (this is of utmost importance) the English subtitles are very accurate.

Love the packaging, here’s part of the 4 disc Coffee Prince set

I also found out that the distributors for the MLSS DVD set is actually in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia! It irks me that even when it is distributed in Malaysia, i had to go all the way to Singapore to get a cheaper copy. How sad is that?!

Packaging for My Lovely Samsoon

Jang Shou – where Rain dined in Singapore

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