INFINITE teases fans with INFINITIZE!

INFINITE (인피니트) released a teaser on their website ! A calligraphy brush-stroked version of their infinite logo, the date 15th May 2012 and the word “INFINITIZE” are all that was revealed, leaving fans very curious.

What do you think Woollim Entertainment has up their sleeve for this hot new group? A new world tour? A brand new album?

INFINITE Infinitize

INFINITE has been releasing different updates on their website daily at 12AM KST. First it was the new INFINITE logo,  then came the encrypted number 20120515 on the next day, and lastly, the word INFINITIZE today.

Rumours have been going around and fans are speculating that Infinite’s next album will be entitled “INFINITIZE” and it will be released on the 15th May 2012!


We are young…and oh so talented! 

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! (Yes, our contributor @chodixxon is very excited about this ~ Ed.)

Are you excited too?



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