Super Junior (슈퍼주니어)


Wow, can you believe it? Super Junior (or SuJu for short) is a K-pop boyband with more members than a football (soccer, if you are American) team! This 13-member group is under the SM Entertainment label in Korea.

The mega-group debuted with 12 members on Nov 6, 2005 with their first single Twins. Eleven of them were Korean while one was Chinese, a talent unearthed after an extensive search in China.

But why stop at a dozen when you can have 13 members? And so, SM Entertainment proudly announced another addition to the group on May 23, 2006. Lucky number 13?

Most of the members were either acting, VJ-ing or modelling prior to joining the group, and to this day, they still enjoy a career apart from SuJu. The burning question right now is: can they sing?

I personally have not listened to them but apparently, they have been criticised for lip-synching and below par vocals. I’m sure one out of the 13 can carry a tune, right? You just need one really good singer and the rest can do back-up vocals and dance. ;-P

Here’s the list of SuJu members:

  • Lee-teuk (the leader!)
  • Hee-chul
  • Han Geng (the Chinese dude!)
  • Ye-sung
  • Kang-in
  • Shin-dong
  • Sung-min
  • Eun-hyuk
  • Dong-hae
  • Si-won
  • Ryeo-wook
  • Ki-bum
  • Kyu-hyun (latest addition!)


  • Sorry, Sorry (2009)
  • Don’t Don (2007)
  • Super Junior 05 (2005)

Super Junior : The First Asia Tour Concert Album – Super Show

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  • Anonymous

    i love suju so much that i cannot describe them enough in words…i knew so many kpop groups but till now am still addicted to suju…they are special,talented and they most humble celebrities i know…meeting them wud be a dream come true…

  • I swear, you can NEVER doubt this guys! They are extremely great! They all fit in nicely, all of them are gentlemen!

  • jenny93

    love U suju..saranghae ^_^
    the most i like about suju is their smile and their dance…that soo sweet power.. 🙂
    i love siwon uppa,han-geng uppa,kyu-hyung uppa and hee chul uppa…i love U 🙂

  • Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for sharing and the kind words as well 🙂 Yes, kpop can be really addictive, thus the many, many fans in Malaysia.

    Welcome on board 🙂 Hee hee.

  • Jessica M H Wong

    I’m a K-drama fan but never a K-Pop fan (Korean pop music). I’m out of the league in term of targeted age group. Since the hallyu culture wash over to our shore with K-pop fast gaining popularity among the young, one couldn’t be intrigued by their significance. With some of these talented pretty boys idols crossing over to K-drama scene (Choi SiWon, Taec, Lee JunKi) and some graces K-Drama’s OST (Yesung, 4Men, 2PM, Kyuhyun), one can’t help to know more about them. I stumbled upon Suju’s Sorry Sorry MV when it debuted and was the first time I heard about Super Junior. It boggled me why you need such a large group? I hardly can tell how many members are there in that group. It is really hard to tell who’s who then with them dancing so fast and sharing scene in such a short MV. Though I really like the music and dance move then and thought having such a large boy group is refreshing. I never bother to know more about the group until I heard Yesung sang Cinderella’s sister OST “It has to be you” and Kyuhyun sang “Hope is a dream that never die” in Baker King Kim Tak Gu OST. These charismatic boys are really talented and their individualistic and mesmerising voice are why they are so successful in a group, a super large one at that. And it’s not miracle that Sorry sorry MV got 16 million hits on YouTube.

    And as a Malaysian, I’m so proud of what you gals did with K-popped and now I’m k-popped!

  • kaiga san

    ♥♥♥love you SUJU…mwah..leeteuk..sung-min also…..♥♥♥♥hee-chul and to si-won….I like teh smiles of hee-chul..and treh dimples of leeteuk…more power guys….
    kimchi kiss ♥ !
    love love….MWAH

  • seriously, i couldn't remember the exact date i was addicted to super junior. it was on my college years when first search for them. twas the time when charice picked kyuhyun in star king. yeah! i loved his voice his everything the first time i saw him. and i so busy busy on my senior years that i wasn't able to get their latest update

    then… again, after college work occupied my time but then a was able to sneak in and get to know them better. i loved them from youngest to oldest, i loved whatever they do and what i love the best is how they care to each other. they may not be perfect but somehow they've shown us the beauty of the group in the name of SUPER JUNIOR.

    they'll be in manila this Saturday. i hope i can buy their svip ticket tonight… love SUJU and a kimchi kiss for you ♥ ♥ ♥

  • christineyanell

    OMG!I love suju to death!But i will never join ELF!I accept them!But people who don;t except the 2 are just fu<king jealous of them.They have talent!E.L.F is so damn annoying!

  • sujulox

    sungmin,heechul,ryeowook,leeteuk,kyuhyun, yesung, eunhyuk, hangeng, siwon,donghae, kibum, kangin & shindong i love you all

  • Annyong to SuJu fans…
    First of all, I'm a big fan of SuJu that's the fact. I love them as I love myself. Their new album was totally amazing and impressive. They can do anything in music life besides the stronger group of 13. yeah~ oppa Fighting!

  • Anonymous

    i love suju so much…they are amazing group i ever seen.i love dbsk as well but i really addicted to suju.great song,awesome voices,lovable personallity and of course superb choreography.they are just great for being who they really are and we just love them for being themselves…


  • There’s actually 15 of them. There’s also Zhou Mi and Henry. Zhou Mi has a gorgeous voice and grins all the time, and Henry can simultaneously breakdance and play the violin.

  • myopicponderings

    LAST WEEK they had just won [V] channel’s Asia Vs Asia, winning over DBSK, Big Bang and Winner of US Vs Asia ’08 Winner, Rain as well. Other singers are a waste to mention as they don’t have enough votes to be proud of.
    They were voted by ten of thousands, so, NO, Super Junior is not perfect, sure, Heechul is more scandalous than sing worthy, and hey not all of them can break your heart with a song.
    But that is why there are 13 of them. I don’t mind Eunhyuk just raps and dance because that is what he does best. We all have our functions and so do they. So please stop with the bashing and leave them alone if you don’t like them.
    Whatever SM did or had done, unless we have actual proof, don’t go pointing fingers, although I know it’s because of our concern for the artists under them.
    Listen to their latest single “Sorry, Sorry” and maybe you’ll change your mind about them. If not, there are many other artist in the world to choose from. Nobody said you HAVE to like them. 🙂

  • teddybear010

    my idol is suju
    i love you
    your single is very nice
    suju i love you ^^

  • hye….love them so much..especially ki bum..kyu hyun..ryeo wook n also donghae…really love their dance…firstly..i don’t even know them..but coz of my nephew…suddenly addicted with it..already heard their 3rd album??sorry sorry n why i like u is really leg felt want to dance when se them..miss n love them so much…come to malaysia lah…

  • Anonymous

    so many people think its ‘dont don’
    its ‘DON DON’ meaning ‘money money’

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said

    Super JuNior….I really love this group…Especially Kim KiBum,Choi Shi Won,Sungmin….I love all the member..

  • >,.,< wahaa! i really like suje they are so sweet,, rofl
    i think i like heechul the best,, hes funny and a dork

  • starjunior

    u..KONWO ??? i think SUJU is the best i the entertain you know? if you equals SUJU with food
    so, suju is the most complete package and nutritious high. > 0 <
    they can sing, dance, DJ, of events, comedy, acting, and their song was complete. pop, rock, trot, etc, they have a big fans too, they have fans in every country asia, america, spain, even in Kenya, you will find SUJU'fans

  • Anonymous

    ummm…i love suju. they rock and they do have talent in singing…just because they lip-sync doesnt mean that they cant sing…lots of groups/bands and solo artist lip-sync does it mean they have no talent…well super junior rocks and will always support them <3

  • Anonymous

    Super JUnior…I really really love this group,,,especially LeeTeuk, Heechul, SungMIn…I love all the members…heehee.

  • Anonymous

    i lurver suju…. till i cant describe it…hahah… i hope can see them eye by eye and if i see them in front of me i will take them to m home and dont let them back to keran… hehehe

  • i definitely love Dong Bang Shin Ki. not just because their drop-dead gorgeous looks but also some other reasons. They’ve got style, brilliant brains, strong physics, wonderful voices, awesome dances, great songs, various magnificent personalities and they are also really funny. i love watching them playing at some game shows like X-man and other shows. I collect some of their shows and i laugh a lot when i watch it. i never feel bored with it and watch it over and over again. U-know Yunho is such a great leader of TVXQ and also so good in everything, he can dance, he can rap, he can do sports and i think up until now he’s still the best player in game shows. Xiah Junsu, i like the way he laugh. i think his voice sounds funny and his expression looks really funny too when he laugh. from what i see, he has such a great personality and i also think that he could be such a great man for his girl. Choikang Changmin or MAX, he’s funny too and cute sometime. i really laugh out loud when i watch him in Banjun Theatre when he acts as a Eunuch and has to bang his head to ring the gong, haha.. so funny when he’s exploded cos they keep NG and he has to do it over and over again. Hero Jaejoong, at first i thought that he’s such a quiet person and so cool. but when i watch him in dibidibidib game show, i laugh a lot. he’s such an unpredictable person, suddenly can do something funny spontaneously. and i love when he sings ”the way you are” in buddha version. Micky Yoochun, i think he’s a calm person. he acts smoothly but can be unpredictable too sometime. all of them are really great and amazing men. i’m amazed by each of them, they’re still so young but they’re very talented and they’re all have succeeded rising up the name of TVXQ. and now they become Asia’s idol, that’s huge! love them so much! wishing them all the best in everything for their present and future lives.

  • Anonymous

    i've GOT TO comment because of someone saying that Super Junior 'can't sing'.. i was just like – ' hey! what's the use of SM entertaiment took those 13 boys to be a boy band group if they CAN'T SING??' i'm sorry of my rough words.. hehe.. sometimes i get mad over nothing..

    P/S: and here's ur kimchi kiss!! <3~ ♥♥♥♥ <3~

  • Anyung ha seyo!(did i spell the romaninization right?i only know how to right it in korean…anyway…)I’m a Filipino and I started liking K-pop this August 2008 because of my Filipino-speaking Korean friend.I didn’t begin with SuJu,actually, I started liking SHINee first ‘coz they’re my age(I’m almost 15), but eventually my interest went to Super Junior. I’m a music major, and we are expected to recognize good singing and stuffs, and I say that Super Junior members have great voices!especially KRY, and my personal favorite, Donghae oppa!and none of the members are gay, fyi..for those who don’t know what i’m talking about, try searching for their MVs(Don’t Don, Happiness,etc.), you might turn into a SuJu Addict like me…

    SuJu, fighting!

    Donghae oppa, saranghae!(mianhe for the starightforwardness)


  • 케이티

    Super Junior..
    they may be huge, but they have great voices, and I know why there are 13! *wink* Because WHO wouldnt want 13 hot guys on stage singing? XD haha. okay.
    Yeah, Hankyung (or Han Gen) is my favorite!! ^-^

  • Anonymous





  • Anonymous

    hey who said the kry group do all the singing….in fact all of the member can sing…i already hear them singing through MR(non-lip sync)and they very good…

  • suju are rocks…
    i love how they show their true personalities and behavior to their fans..
    love their songs, voice and dances too..
    thats why i love themm much.. ah.. i heard some rumors that they will come to malaysia to held a concert this end of year.. its it true?

  • Erica

    Okay, i am Australian and i cant understand anything they r saying except when they sing in English, numbers and the few random words i know. But, YES THEY CAN SING!! So wat if they lipsink SOMETIMES?? Almost everyone does it at least once. I love SuJu, i can tell out Eunhyuk, Kangin, Shindong, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Donghae and Siwon’s voices. They rest i will occaisionally pick out but, yeah… i luv Kibum, he is my favourite and it kinda makes me sad that he doesnt sing a lot, but then again, there r 13 of them so i cant really expect him to ;p

  • Anonymous

    i am a big fan of suju..i can single out voices and i know all of their profiles..haha..well..i hav been a fan of them since 2005..i just love them..they all can sing for sure..sometimes heechul even kind of jokes around and sing the wrong note..if they think they did bad, they even admit it..they’re soooooooooooo coooooooooooool..i just love them~~

  • Anonymous

    kyoung- mi..

    well i think they are all very talented but there are better singer and dance that pop out more than others like the best singers are KRY(Kyuhyun,Ryeowook,Yesung).
    there voices are so beautiful…
    and then there are the really good dancers like EunHyuk,Donghae,hangeng(chinese dude),and Shindong…but the others are very talented as well like Sungmin,eeteuk,kangin(the #1 Racoon handsome guy),siwon(the gentlemen),kibum, and heechul.
    i love all of super junior the same way .they are the best korean boy band right next to (DBSK).they are all vert talented …SUPER JUNIOR Fighting…!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    well … i like their personality but i don`t like their music …

  • BielaTeuks

    how bout if u watch ’em in the latest video clip in MTV ASIA dat was held in M’SIA!…They perform lively with the KRY’s song Mirror…OMG, u’ll gonna be melted with their voice..especially the big head, Yesung n the cute sensitive, Ryeowook..but still 이특 어빠 is my hearthrob forever….사랑해요 어빠!! 어리 서파저니여…

  • Miniini

    I'm sur that everyone can sing. I'm a very true ELF. And I am beliving in them.
    So please say that such of thing. All of them have fantastics voice. I personaly love Ryeowook and Yesung's voice best<3 Yesung have a such good bas voice with make they all sound so… yummie<3

  • Anonymous

    ilovesuju(: = me
    ( i forgot pw 🙁 )

    i am too an OBSESSED fan 🙂
    but i live and Australia and like nothing good comes to Australia ==’.
    i want to meet them so bad. They are like a drug like you need it bad even though you know that you dont need it. 😛 hope im not confusing ( LOL )

  • ilovesuju(:

    i love them so much
    Korean #1 Boy Band
    i love the leader
    but i also love everyone else
    much i love suju (:

    If Amelia (aka Ayeeff) reads this
    Heys 😀
    Super Junior FTW!

  • Anonymous

    hello i am from indonesia. I visit here to find out more about a rumour i heard that Suju is coming to Malaysia. I regret that your posting is not very much updated. Although i am not a super fan compared to others i also agree you should not have said such things abt them. to say they you are unsure if they can sing before you heard them – is a very insensitive remark. I pity suju ardent fans – becos if i am i would be mad.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…. fans of korean artistes are passionate supporting their idols rights… Reading this proves that the love they have for their Idols is a force to be reckon with.

    I personally feel SUJU has its own appeal. I love some of their songs, but i like their individual personality and strengths. But most of all, I love their acting skills…and these guys are not afraid to be funny and look foolish on TV. They gave some great entertainment on Korean TV. I enjoy their youtube clips. Next to TVXQ, these guys are cool & no surprise, they are from the same entertainment management company & have same principles & are bestest of friends. 🙂

  • georgieanna

    Persoanlly I LOVE Suju !! I’m American and don’t understand a thing that they say , bt they ALL have such wonderful voices that it doesn’t matter. Out of all the groups that I know, American or Korean, Japanese, etc.. they are the most ENTERTAINING !! that’s what they do, they entertain people. So what if some think they don’t sing THE BEST, they are only saying, “hey, we can do alittle of everything” and can they ever!! They are all very attractive and get my blood flowing. And as far as ALL the people complaining about the number of Suju members goes, I have this to say, “Chill out already!” In the begining Suju had 12, then when Kyuhyun was added, people were like,”NO way”. Then what happened? They loved him and welcomed him as the “Luck 13”. Me personally, I love to see those hot, sexy guys jumping around singing their hearts out. So sad their doing it for a bunch of ungrateful “SO CALLED FANS”. I adore Henry and Zhou Mi and would be happy to get the oppurtunity to see more of them if they were to be put into the main group. It is not up to fans whose who in a group, the only job that fans have is to enjoy the talent set before them. So to every body crying, whining, BOYCOTTING SM STOP!!!You selfish people, you are trying to put a leash on people’s futures, why? Your putting a leash on your so called “Suju 13”, keeping not only their friendships at a CERTAIN NUMBER, but THEIR lives are in a bunch of idiotic fans hands. WTF? Im happy to see them expanding, the more the merrier. There’s never a bad thing when it comes to talent, and you can never have to much of a good thing. And Super Junior is DEFINETLY a good thing….ALL 15 of them!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    OMG..this is ur only news about super junior..and u called urself hooked to korean pop and such..shame on you

  • " S i L v Y "

    Emm..,yang suka ma super junior & TVXQ …,please add aq di friendster Q..alamat'nya [email protected]
    Di situ kita bisa ngomong'in super junior & TVXQ…

  • Anonymous

    super junior is amazing(= before becoming a fan, people are usualy discouraged to like them because of the number of members… but every single one of them is important (= ONLY 13 <3 you'll grow to like all the members… aaand yea, the main vocals are KRY.. rappers are eunhyuk, shindong, kibum, heechul, and donghae.. however.. all the members can sing (= the best dancers are eunhyuk, donghae, and shindong… however the others can dance too (= the ones focusing on dramas are heechul, kibum, and siwon. currently, theres a total of four subgroups, super junior t[leeteuk, heechul, shindong, eunhyuk, kangin, sungmin] super junior KRY [kyuhyun, ryeowook, yesung] super junior m [hangeng, siwon, ryeowook, kyuhyun, donghae, (henry, zhoumi)] super junior h [all the members in t except for heechul added yesung]

  • Anonymous

    Well, they are ok I guess, I like Hee Chul, Ki Bum and Si Won! However, I really don’t like their management company SM… Shinhwa was once under SM and DBSK too. Like what some of you said, they practically market cash cows… Squeeze them dry first before throwing them away.. If their cows go to other companies, they start spreading eccentric false rumors about them….

  • 안녕하새요 first of all i love suju and as a msian i feel happy to know that there are so many m’sian who support them. i like all of them and also their subgroup SUJU-T,SUJU-KRY AND new one SUJU-HAPPY. 슈퍼주니어 FIGHTING!!!!!

  • Ruby-Moon507

    Super Junior are so amazing and all of them good looking and talented. I watch all of the MV’s, series, Special Appearances, Concerts, Variety shows and specials they have done. One man i especially love (addicted to Kim HeeChul) but all of them are amazing!! I can name them all in any line-up… i really am obsessed but its all good. I want to see them live… too bad i am in england….

    No offence but my top three are
    1: Kim HeeChul
    2: Hangeng
    3: Kim KiBum

    They also live in the same dorm ^_^

  • I love SuJu. Out of all the K-Pop groups out there, SuJu is my favorite. I’m actually not asian at all, so it’s sometimes hard to get what the hell is going on, but SuJu pushes through language boundaries with how amazing and talented all of the guys are. Sure, some of them are better singers than others (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung) but honestly, they can all sing. Some of the guys just have better voices for ballads, pop, and even rock (HEECHUL!!! Have you heard him sing Pink Spider?!) Yes, they have been critisized before because of lip-synching, but seriously, what groups at some time haven’t lip-synched?? And if you didn’t know by now, they’re asian tour has over 30 songs performed and out of all of them maybe 3 were lip-synched (dude, anyone would keel over trying to sing ‘A Man in Love’ while dancing to that insanely powerful and fast paced choreography). So, don’t judge them so harshly people, SuJu does deserve the amazing awards they get and are nominated for. Basically they rock. (especially Heechul…and Yesung)

  • Anonymous

    I luv suju. alot of ppls still are one heck of a cool band even if they lip-snych. have u seen the moves they do? i could never do that and sing at the same time i woud faint before the middle of the concert. you try and ill watch and laugh as u try to do both

  • DORKISTIC!design

    Wow, my first time visiting this site and it really impress me. Talking about SuJu, well, my friend influenced me of them!

    For me, even though people said that SM used them to make money and stuffs, I think they’re there because they love music and entertainment. With 13 members, they managed to handle everything perfectly between them and even the ELF.

    The subgroups are okay too. Even when SuJu H was introduced, I think they always got reason for that, that is to entertain the SUJU fans to the max..

    Go SuJu!

  • Anonymous

    they’re awesome, talented,& funny.

    people shouldn’t judge them, because they’re a big group with many sub groups. but they’re talanted for sureee[:

  • SUPER JUNIOR IS THE BEST!!! once u listen to their music, watch their hilarious shows, and learn more about their personalities, they will make u fall in love with them… they are like my idols!!! seriously!!!

    i will forever be a super junior fan!!!


  • from 13 to 15…
    i wonder in 2012[if suju still exist], how much suju members will be?

    maybe 18 or 22???

    or do sm want suju members as much as a film crew?

  • nor fatihah

    however, kudos to sm…

    he successfully made the fans of tvxq and suju to form 2 giant fanclubs of korea that are very crazy and useless…

  • i like this group.
    I haven’t been this touch and addicted to your songs and group. Nice friendship that I haven’t seen..

    I really like how all of you dances..
    Hope to meet you all..

    So sad you’ve already seperated to each other.But still the Super Junior with 13 members are the best..

    Even though I don’t understand the lyrics of your songs. I still like it.

    Super Junior!! Fighting!!

    Hope for your long lasting career..

    From: Cecil

  • about henry and zhoumi who had already joined Super Junior M….
    they are talented yes i agree..but i dont understand why SM has to put in additional members in SuJu-M coz if u call for a rapper, Donghae is doing well in rapping in mandarin..there is fantastic vocalist from khuhyun, ryeowook and siwon.. and hankyung is one of super junior’s TOP 3 why the addition of members? hankyung can always teach them mandarin…
    guess we just have to wait and see.. SM cannot make a 15 members band coz 13 is just perfaect…
    but i also cant agree to the idea of boycotting of not buying SuJu-M cd..(if i am not mistaken it is ELF who are planning to do so).if we were to boycott just so that SM will remove henry and zhoumi but then at the same time we are hurting the other five members..i mean they work so hard…

  • kibummi <3

    the first time i realised i’m an old woman was.. when i have crush on kibum.. he’s younger than me!!! *tension*

    eh, tarik balik la. 23 is not that old, rite?

  • Anonymous


    oh.well.super junior is an idol group which has 13 members.i got to know them when i watched the guest of charice pempengco in starking[she’s a filipino],uhmm..super junior are not only good-looking guys.but they’re definetly one of the BEST and TALENTED guys i have ever known. each of them has unique personalities that really outshine everytime they spend time with each other-bonding monents.haha:].i love their personalities.and they’re good singers.hmm..about the issue of lip-synching..well..they dance a lot..and they should also sing at the same time.,it’s kinda hard for them to do things at the same time..for example[singing and dancing].but they also have live performances..and sometimes they have flaws.well they’re not PERFECT..lets give them a chance to prove more of themselves…try to watch their shows..SUPER JUNIOR FULL HOUSE,SUPER JUNIOR ADONIS CAMP,SUPER JUNIOE EHB,SUPER JUNIOR MINI-DaRMA..and their movie ATTACK ON THE PIN-UP BOYS.really good:).try it on youtube or crunchyroll:).there are many hearsays..rumors..regarding the addition of the “violin boy”-heny lau who was featured on their album don’t don.i’m not against his addition becoz,he’s indeed a very talented guy.but i think it’ll be more better if he’ll have a solo career.and i think many people will watch out for him.he can dance and sing.and as of know,he’s a member of the super junior sub-group suju M..which stands for suju mandarine.they did a remake of U[its in chinese version].its indeed good:).LETS CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THEM AND LETS SPREAD SUJU LOVE NOT ONLY IN ASIA BUT ON THE WHOLE WORLD!SUJU FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    yea sorry but suju cant sing for life..only a few members can. they are cute but cant sing.

  • Anonymous

    >>>Just like to comment<<>> i’m definitely watching their past and present performances<<<) They have flaws- ofcourse they are not perfect, they're just like us >HUMANS<- but they use these flaws as inspiration for them to be the best and survive in the entertainment industry as long as they live...They love to sing, dance… Entertaining people… they love to see smiles in everyone’s faces so why criticize them that much… i mean its not that fair, give them a chance…>>>>>>well thats all!!! as what koreans said!!! FIGHTING SuJu!!!!<<<<<<<>>>>> SUPER JUNIOR WA HONTONI ZUTTO ZUTTO ZUTTO DAISUKE!!! GAMBATE NEH… OMEDETOU!!!<<<<<<

  • Anonymous

    Ive got a suggestion,,.
    Wot if we,Malaysian make a forum/site especially for SuJu, so tat we r able to bring others (the Msian fans) the latest news n we can even discussed lots of things bout em. Ive tried searching for a Msian SuJu site,,unfortunately,,.unable to find 1. It would be great to see the Msian SuJu fans get together n talk bout SuJu. Hoping for some1 to make a site especially for suju. Even the Singaporean, Filipino n Thai have their own SuJu forum/site. I bet there r lots of SuJu fans in Msia cuz there r lots of Msian living overseas luvin SuJu. Tat’s all for now. Sorry for my ‘bad’ english.


  • They may lip synch a lot, but that doesn’t mean they can’t sing. Sure, a few may be the strongest ones, but that doesn’t mean the others are crap. If you look at their live performances, especially one of the Don’t Don, it’s amazing.

    A group doesn’t have to just have a bunch of nice singers to do well.

  • Anonymous

    All artists are unique in their own ways!! SuJu members all have their own personalities and talents. No one is better than anyone! I love and adore each and everyone of the guys…and i think they will be around in the entertainment business for a longgg time!

  • Anonymous

    suju is the best!
    no should judge them for they are unique in their own way.
    they can dance, sing and act..(they’re good actors)
    beside they are so sweet(especially wid each other)
    me wid my friends are avid fans of suju and we enjoy watching them a lot,.we spend tooooo much time and money (internet), just to watch them..
    they serve as our inspiration.
    we actually have these wild dreams about them..
    so please dont judge them…
    Go Suju!(Super junior Fighting!)
    oh btw, sUngMin is sooOOOoo Cute!
    -pumPkin lover!-

  • MimieJay

    long comment ahead!

    do you want to know the main reason why SuJu have 12 member in the first place?

    Super Junior is actually a project group..but since SuJu is doing well, and fans wants SuJu as a permenant group..Super Junior 05 become Super Junior!

    With the addition of KyuHyun..SM Entertainment announce they drop the “05” and make SuJu as permenant group!

    however.. i’m not sure right now, with a lot of adding Henry Lau(aka the violin boy in Don’t Don) in SuJu..ELF(SuJu FC) was dissapointed with the decision and protested by shouting “only 13” (in korean)during concert or at SM building..the solution was SM anounce that they will not add any new members..

    so is there a future for SuJu? i’m not sure..they have 1st Asian Tour this year and the latest rumour was SuJu is going to enter millitary,,except HanKyung of course!

    i don’t the true story.. all i heard was rumours..and i hope it is..T_T

    SuJu 4eva!

  • Anonymous

    msg 2 hanie: u can buy thier albums at victoria music centre at sungei wang plaza or amcorp mall.

  • Orchid

    Yes! Filipinos can join in the discussions & comments too. =)

  • Anonymous

    Can Filipinos join in here too? 😀

    I have no idea what these guys sing about (’cause I don’t understand Korean at all) but I love the way they perform. They’re all so well-rounded. They’re all renaissance gentlemen. 😀

  • Anonymous

    out of 13. a couple actually can sing or dance. Kyuhyun and Wheesung and sing, Eunhyuk, Hankyung can dance. others.. just a pretty face, more than singers, they’re actually like variety show people, sense of humor.
    the one member annoy me the most is KIM HEECHUL, that pretty face boy. who I think is gay.effin ugly. NO TALENTER. don’t get why girls fall for him, I feel bad for them. they can’t really be called “artist” since… i’ve only actually seen them sing live once or twice.
    Super Junior can stand up this long because of the pretty boys and a fanbase. if you count their actual achivements… in the music scene. FAILED.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, they can really sing, especially Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung; they’re SuJu’s strongest singers. Besides singers, they have dancers and… all-rounders.
    SuJu seems to be more involved with variety shows and public appearances than on music, but that’s all right.

  • DrMinttu

    SuJu is one of my fav bands and I just love them all, their music, performances and so on. But still I think they’re not all so talented [at singing]. Even though I like Leeteuk’s, Kangin’s, Heechul’s and Hankyung’s voices, I think they could be better singers.
    Also Eunhyuk, Kibum and Shindong aren’t very good at singing, but they can rap and SuJu wouldn’t be SuJu without them.
    The best singers in the group, I think, are Yesung [god, he has a good voice<3], Kyuhyun [my personal fav<3], Siwon and Ryeowook. Donghae is also very talented and he has a cute voice. ^^

  • mayenskie

    yeah, they are a big group. But i think when they added Kyuhyun and become 13 members, SuJu becomes PERFECT!
    I must say they got talents. They are awesome in the dance floor- (Eunhyuk is the dance machine). They can sing (the best vocals for me is Kyuhyun). watching their videos in youtube and crunchyroll is fascinating and makes me love them more. They amaze me every time – hankyung knows ballet and Sungmin knows martial arts (WOW!).
    When it comes to having happy atmosphere – Heechul is the best on that part.

    What i love about SuJu is the fact that the members sincerely love each other like brothers. They don’t even ashamed to show their affection even in public.

    i Love Super Junior!

  • s2diyanah

    oh god… suju… where do i even start… well… i started to like them cuz of ma roommate… she’s korean… she used to hate suju sooo much… but our other friend converted her n she converted me… moving on… the reason that i really like super junior is the bond that exists within their group… hyukkie even cried when he was lied to by heechul a few times… but other than that… they’re really funny… n i do think they can sing… n they’re improving which is really gd… just like kangin said… it’s not a matter of someone being gd at sumthing or bad… it’s just that when all 13 are together they shine the most~~

    hwaiting suju~~!!

  • “Why would SM else have signed them?”
    puah ha ha.. loaded question? SOOOOooo much scandal with SM… SM doesn’t find and sign talent generally. They create marketable cash cows! There’s also a lot of scandal that goes around on HOW they do it too.

  • (Prepare for long comment :P)
    I am a Suju-fan and I love them really much but I also have to admit that not all of them has the vocal ability that I personally think a singer should have.

    BUT that’s why they’re a group. Each and every one of the members are talented in some way so they can survive in the buisness. Why would SM else have signed with them? They compliment each other in a good way. We have the singers, dancers, actors, rappers, “talkers” and so on. Like if you can’t sing then you’re great at something else, for example dancing. What makes you love them even more is their wonderful personalities.

    But the question was if they could sing? Vocal ability that’s something you can train and is more a matter of fact how good you are while singing voice is a personal question since everybody have different tastes. I think all of the members have good voices even though some of them don’t have the skill too sing even their own little line clean without a false tune.

    They’ve improved alot if you look at live performances from before and now. So I believe in them and their songs are good and they got the voices. That’s a good start 😉

  • Anonymous

    suju can dance n sing

    they sing really well

    their perfomances are AWESOME..



  • kellynguyen81

    well, i am not korean but i guess you can tell when someone sing good or not right???? even though you dont know the language they sing but you can still tell if that person can sing or not and I THINK THEY ALL CAN SING AND DANCE VERY WELL. THEY ARE MY FAVORITE GROUP. love all their song.heechul is my fav

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said…
    Suju all can sing live. Some of you might know Hyunyoung and she is a lipsinger. All the Suju’s are live. I love Donghae, Shiwon, Kibum and Sungmin’s voices! I am pretty good at singing and I love to sing along with them! You should try yourselfs!

  • Anonymous

    can they sing??…YES^^

    can you make a credible judgement based on hearsay??…NO -_-;;

    who gives you the right to bash this talented band that you have no clue about?! these guys work so hard and have passionate hearts for what they do…but i don’t expect you to know that, because you are a 바보~

  • hanie

    some of you really are fan of SuJu. i heard them sing but cant single out who’s who…yet…
    anyone can share where to buy their cds/other k-albums in KL/malaysia???

  • Ahzasungmin

    try listening them during their live’s’s not a secret that the best vocalist come form the subgroup Super Junior KRY (the other members even joke around saying the KRYs are responsible for singing while others like Heechul is responsible to get the members to come to Variety Show and Kangin is responsible to being funny).But yeah honestly I think they can sing too.I love Donghae and Shiwon’s soothing voice 🙂

  • Anonymous

    just so u know im a big fan of suju… among the 13 people every1 of them can sing… their top three singers form a sub group called KRY(kyuhyun, ryeowook n yehsung)…they also hav best dancers n rappers among them…kibum,eunhyuk,heechul n shindong r e rappers n the rest r gd dancers..eeteuk himself has a gd voice n a very caring leader..this is y they won award such as best new grp, best dance,best video,best song.. so help urself in listening 2 some of their songs… their latest album Don’t Don was relesed in oct 2007…hav fun!

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