An homage to Jim Lee

I can’t believe I overlooked this. I must do an entry on this guy.

Legendary Jim Lee! Wielder of graphite! Lord of comic book pencillers!

Don’t give me that ‘what the heck is she talking about’ look! Of course, you’d have to be a total nut about comic books to agree with me.

Korean-American Jim Lee went to Princeton to become a doctor but found his true calling in comic books. He was the prized illustrator of Marvel comics. His issue of X-Men #1 is the best-selling comic book to date selling 8 million copies upon its release in 1991. He has graced the pages of The Fantastic Four, Batman and Superman and about every professional penciller would cite him as a source of major inspiration. But before my forehead gets stamped with “NERD” right across, I’ll escape by posting these 3 pieces below.

L-R: X-men (Marvel Comics), Justice League (DC Comics) and Spawn (Image Comics)
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