Korean men love their beanie

The other day, i was at a mini-market and from the corner of my eye, i saw an Asian man, wearing a beanie. I did a double-take and thought to myself “No Malaysian man would wear a beanie, it must be a Korean guy.” And sure enough, when i took another peek, he looked like a Korean!

Malaysian men hardly wear the knitted cap. But I have noticed, that Koreans wear it a whole lot. They just love it! When they are having a bad hair day, or just don’t want to style their hair, they put it on. Don’t you agree?

Here i leave you with three of Korea’s hottest men sporting the very popular beanie.

Se7en in a bright green beanie.
I love the over-sized safety pins on the side. Nice touch!
[Click on image to view larger version]

Kwon Sang-woo sporting a grey beanie & pink shirt


Bi in all black!

Guys, what are you waiting for? Go get one already. 😉

Ladies, do you like your men in a beanie?

Pics credit: YG Entertainment, Newsen.com, StarNews


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