Yashimmanman Season 2: Lee Hyori vs Seo In Young Dance Battle

First episode of Yashimmanman Season 2

SBS talk show Ya Shim Man Man: Season 2 started off with a bang on 28th July with a stellar cast (hosts) and top notch guest artists. Lee Hyori and Jang Geun Suk were special guest artist for the first episode in this brand new season.

The most talked about part of the show is when sexy sirens Lee Hyori & Seo In Young (a host on the show) battled it out on the dance floor. It was at the opportune time where both Lee and Seo introduced their comeback album not too long ago. They are in actual fact, battling out in the record stores too.

The new fleet of MCs helmed by Kang Ho Dong

You can view clips of Yashimmanman episodes on the SBS Yashimmanman Official website. No English subtitles though. The new MCs of the show perform an entertaining dance number at the beginning of the show.

* You need to download the SBS player to view the clips.

Pic credit: SBS Yashimmanman Official website

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