JYP holds Naughty Party 2

Cuddle: Tired of prancing around in her underwear,
the dancer decides to lean on JYP for a bit

Park Jin-young (JYP) is throwing another round of “naughty parties” during the holiday season.

The 36-year-old has entitled his current nationwide tour as the 2008 Naughty Party 2 – One Night Stand.

The raunchy music extravaganza kicked off on Christmas Eve at the Coex Convention Hall in Samsung-dong, Seoul. Mamma mia! Check out the suggestive underwear-on-the-outside outfit of his female dancer.

Breathe: JYP performs CPR on his dancer, who suddenly
stops breathing due to her too-tight outfit


No air: ‘Breathe dammit! I got a show to do.’

The Asian Soul enlisted his protégés – Wonder Girls and 2PM – for his opening act.

The naughty party was held in Seoul on Christmas Day and will continue in Busan (Dec 27) and Daegu (Dec 28). But that’s not the end of the party as the finale will be held at the Walker Hill Hotel (Vista Hall) on Dec 31 to usher in the New Year.

JYP’s naughty do is set to kick off at 9pm on Dec 31…and keep on going right into Jan 1 (4am). Will you be gettin’ naughty with JYP and crew?

Scratching an itch: ‘Yeah a little to the right, girls. Yup, right there…’


Tricks: JYP shows you that he balances well


Lookin’ out: JYP makes sure his wife doesn’t see him
gettin’ hot and heavy with his female dancers


Not happy: The 2PM boys throw tantrums ‘cos they ain’t got no sexy
ladies in underwear on stage with ’em.


Relief: The Wonder Girls are relieved because they don’t need
to appear onstage in their underthings.

Source: Newsen


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