Se7en makes a comeback with When I Can’t Sing

And it’s AWESOME!

Who would have thought that The Asian Soul Park Jin-young (of JYP Entertainment) would collaborate with Se7en (of YG Entertainment)?

PhotobucketJYPE & YGE COLLABORATE: Se7en is a hit with When I Can’t Sing

As long as I can remember, the two agencies have been pitted against each other. Even more so when Rain (JYPE camp) and Se7en (YGE camp) were both at their pinnacle of stardom in South Korea. That was about 5 – 6 years ago.

But things have changed. On Jan 29, the composer with the Midas touch tweeted (@followJYP) that his first project of the year was with “this” artist and attached the MV teaser below. It sent shivers down my spine.

To say that JYP composes beautiful and catchy songs is and understatement. Not only does he do that for his artistes, the 40-year-old also takes the lyric-writing one step further.

He usually susses out the talent he is writing for, and composes lyrics that speak for the artiste — the feelings or circumstances s/he is in.

Watch the full MV of Se7en’s awesome When I Can’t Sing. Ooooh, I get goosebumps listening to the track.

Se7en and his contemporary Rain were the “it” guys of K-pop in 2004 – 2007. He then relocated to the US to try his luck there for 2 years, but that didn’t work out well.

In 2010, Se7en made a comeback in the K-pop scene. He even came to Malaysia to promote his Digital Bounce album on April 30, 2011. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed. The extremely dynamic K-pop music scence got me hooked on other more interesting acts.

But When I Can’t Sing has made heads turn. On Feb 1, the day the mini album and MV was unleashed, Se7en tweeted (@officialse7en): No.1 !!!!!!!! not only on Korean music chart but also on US iTunes R&B chart!! Thank you soooo much guys!!! Love yall~~

Welcome back, Se7en.




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