Kim Hyun Joong joins Weibo

During his Chengdu and Guangzhou fan meeting in May 2012, Kim Hyun Joong (of SS501) promised his fans that he will open a Weibo account (Weibo is China’s version of Twitter). Keeping his word, he created his account on the morning of his 26th birthday on June 6.

Within 10 minutes, his followers on Weibo exceeded 10 thousand and the amount tripled within an hour’s time, attracting 260,000 followers in one day! With this, he beat record holders Japanese AV Star Sora Aoi (220,000 followers) and fellow Korean star Jang Geunsuk (210,000 followers).

Upon opening the account, Hyun Joong, who known for his loving attitude towards his fans, uploaded a welcome video message, a personal message and a picture of him with his dog Art.

Hyun Joong “Our Art is beautiful, right?”

In the special video, Hyun Joong promised fans that he will try to update Weibo even when he is busy. This truly shows his determination to get closer to fans!

Do you have a Weibo account? If you do, follow him:

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Pic credit: Weibo

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