G-DRAGON shines at One of a Kind concert in Malaysia

G-Dragon held his first ever solo concert in Malaysia at Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil on 22nd June 2013, showing off the Malaysia fans that he is indeed a ‘One of A Kind’ artist. Despite the hot weather and hazy skies, thousands of fans showed up at the stadium to prove the popularity of BIGBANG’s leader.

G-Dragon began the concert by arriving in a futuristic sports car, before launching into performances of ‘Michigo’, ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘One Of A Kind’ which drawn a high decibel of screaming from the fan girls and fan boys in the audience. The BIGBANG leader also performed ‘Light It Up’ featuring Tablo and ‘The Leaders’ featuring CL of 2NE1. And yes, both Tablo and CL were not there in person but their holograms looked so real and cool. Indeed an awesome job!

Donned in white shirt and silver jacket, G-Dragon bring the fans into the fantasy world while singing ‘Butterfly’ with the beautifully decorated stage. Fans went wild when G-Dragon sang ‘Missing You’ and made hand gestures by pointing to the lucky fans during some parts of the song . That night G-Dragon also sang ‘That XX’ and ‘Without You’.

The 25-year old G-Dragon sang ‘Today’ from the DJ-deck that was shaped like a giant spaceship. He then stepped off the stage and moved closer to the fans while singing ‘Shine A Light’.

Shortly after, G-Dragon took a break and he invited the special guest for the night. G-Dragon’s best friend, also fellow member of BIGBANG, Taeyang performed two songs that night; ‘Where You At’ and ‘Break It Down’. Taeyang was greeted with a loud cheer by his loyal fans when he said “Malaysia people who are here tonight are hot just like the weather”.

G-Dragon then took back the stage with his own version of ‘This Love!’ and ‘1 Year Station’. Looking stunning in his new outfit,  G-Dragon emotionally sang ‘Obsession’ while climbing up high on the stage. He then rock the stage with ‘She’s Gone’ and ‘Crayon’. Even though missing his “brothers” (BIGBANG members)  G-Dragon still made the fans grow wild dancing to “boom sha ka la ka” as he sang ‘Fantastic Baby’.

The show almost came to an end. Just like any other Kpop concerts, fans started chanting for ‘encore’ but this time they also shouted ‘GD Saranghae’. And then G-Dragon was back on stage with his song ‘Breathe’. Taeyang then joined the stage singing ‘Bad Boy’ with the man of the hour.  G-Dragon then took a moment to thank the crews and people who have been working so hard for his concert and of course he also thanked the fans. “It’s time to say goodbye. Thank you for everything. Thank you for coming tonight. Thank you for always supporting me! I have so much fun tonight! I will never forget tonight. I promise to come back with my brothers BIGBANG, so please wait for us!” G-Dragon then announced that his solo album will be coming out in August and with that he performed another round of ‘Michigo’ for his fans.

With production cost came to a whopping RM4.5 million, Malaysia fans were treated with so many fireworks, stunning visuals, beautiful props and awesome live band. Needless to say, it was an amazing show and unforgettable night for his fans and Kpop fans in general. G-Dragon “One of A Kind” tour in Malaysia was organized by Running Into the Sun, supported by Xpax, Acer and Woohoo! Experience.

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