[Exclusive] NU’EST Gives a ‘Re:Birth’ Special Interview for Fans

A year after their last comeback, NU’EST is finally back with a new brand album entitled Re:Birth. True to the title, the boys of NU’EST rebirth into hot men and K-popped! was given a chance to ask them how they felt about this comeback. Check out the exclusive interview below.

NUEST ReBirth teaser


K-popped! : Tell us about your latest album Re:Birth. What kind of track is your title track?

[JR] The album this time is just like the title ‘Re:BIRTH’, a new rebirth concept of the group NU’EST. As all members of NU’EST become adults this year, we try to show a more mature side of our group.

[MinHyun] The title song ‘Good Bye Bye’ is a song about a man letting go of love and I think it’s a song where you can hear our more matured vocals especially the chorus part ‘Good bye baby good bye baby~’ it has a addictive feeling in it.

K-popped! : Your concept and style has changed significantly, were everyone’s suggestions considered during the transformation?

[Ren] From the first album to this current album, they all have really great meanings to us especially for this album, the company staff accepted more of our ideas. Actually I told our company I wanted to cut my long hair this time to match the ‘Re:BIRTH’ album concept and they agreed to it.

K-popped! : Do any members take part in the making of this album? (composing, choreography, album designing, etc)

[JR] In this album, out of 8 songs I wrote the rap parts for 4 songs including, ‘사랑 없는 사랑’ (Love without love), ‘Storybook’, ‘CLIMAX’ and ‘어깨 빌려줘’ (Lend me your shoulders. Personally I really like the rap part for ‘사랑 없는 사랑’ (Love without love) , so please be sure to listen to it!

NUEST JR Baekho Minhyun Aaron Ren

K-popped! : What was the hardest thing while working on the comeback?

[BaekHo] Just like the first album, all members were really careful about producing this album. There is a moment where right before the music video shooting for ‘Good Bye Bye’, there were dance parts we had to change. So the day before and during the music video shooting it was quite tough and tired because we had to change the dance moves but after watching the outcome of the music video we all felt really satisfied/happy about it.

K-popped! : Are there any individual activities planned?

[MinHyun] Other than Aaron’s DJ spot at Arirang Radio ‘Music Access’, we currently have no personal activities but we really want to show the fans new sides of us pursuing other fields. For this time through the drama ‘Reckless Family Season 3’ I got a chance to start in acting and also in the future, I will try to learn more on acting and show the actor side of myself to everyone!

K-popped! : What is your favorite track from this album? Why?

[JR] For me it is ‘Big Deal’! It has a similar feeling to the song that everyone liked ‘FACE’ and ‘Action’ but I think it is a more upgraded intensity this time. The orchestra sound in the song might give you the feeling of watching an opera.

[MinHyun] For me it’s the title song ‘Good Bye Bye’! I think it is a song that shows a more mature side of NU’EST after us all becoming adults and also it’s a song that matches our emotional voices.

[BaekHo] I would recommend ‘CLIMAX’! It is a really bright feeling song. It’s a song that has a meaning that says that NU’EST will reach the top! I hope that everyone that listens to this bright song will dream about a bright future too.

[Aaron] For me it’s ‘Lend me your shoulder’. To me it is a song that me and JR wrote and also produced with our favorite producer Gye Beom Ju. Especially the message we put in the rap part! Please make sure to listen to the rap part!

[Ren] For me it is the bonus track that could only be heard on the album ‘Hey, Love’! It is a song for our fans that always love and support us to go further. I hope we could thank our fans through this bonus track as I also really like it personally.


K-popped! : Any thoughts of joining variety shows? And what variety shows you want to guest in?

[BaekHo] Please give us anything! We really have the confident in working hard! Because we never had any experience on variety shows therefore we really want to experience variety shows. Please call us anytime!

K-popped! : What do you miss the most about Malaysia?

[Aaron] The thing I can’t forget most about Malaysia are the fans in Malaysia. Actually we could not even imagine there are fans in Malaysia who could recognize us and follow the same fan chant with the Korean fans during our performance, therefore we have this really great memory of performing on the stage in Malaysia. We really want to visit Malaysia quickly too.

K-popped! : Please leave your message to Malaysia fans.

[JR] Malaysia fans, Thank you for supporting and loving us even though from far. In the future, as we will show a more mature and cool side of NU’EST please love our new album and I hope the day we can meet in Malaysia comes soon. I love you Malaysia fans~

[Aron] Thank you so much for your love and support, it really means a lot to us. We hope you enjoy our new album ‘Re:BIRTH’ and hope to see you guys again soon. Thank you 🙂

Check out their MV below if you haven’t^^

Special thanks to Pledis Entertainment and M.E Malaysia for the exclusive!

Translation by Dixxon.

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