Lee Minho treated fans like Divas at the OSIM 35th Anniversary celebration

The Korean Heartthrob Lee Minho was back in Malaysia once again on September 28, not to serenade his fans but this time, pampering them as divas at the Unforgettable Moment with Lee Minho & OSIM uDiva in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Around 700 fans were in attendance to catch a glimpse of the handsome actor and his.. unforgettable smile 🙂

Lee Minho & OSIM uDiva Celebration in Malaysia
Lee Minho – making fans scream hysterically is second nature to him 😛

Lee Minho showed up on stage on the uDiva chair in style and charms the fans when he said Saya rindu padamu. Fans who were already hysterical screamed louder after hearing the actors term of endearment in Malay (a/n: how many times did you practice to say that Minho ssi?)

At the event, Lee Minho played games with 5 lucky fans that brings out the green eyed monster in all other fans who were there as the games they played all involve skin-ship.  The games were – eye staring game, putting on lipstick on a fan, burst the balloon game, drawing together with 1 hand and feed the fan a dessert game.

Lee Minho Osim uDiva in Malaysia
Lee Minho applying lipstick on a fan, who co-incidentally is also called Diva

The event was also to commemorate Osim’s 35 years anniversary. Lee Minho, along with fans, sang a Happy Birthday song and proceed to cut the cake with Osim’s Chairman and General Manager.

After the hour long event with the fans, members of the media were invited for a Press Conference with the actor. At the press conference, Lee Minho mentioned that he was happy that the fans waited for him at the airport. Talking about the Osim uDiva, he likes that the chair has many programs and that his favorite mode is Spa, Relax and Stretch. Getting fatigued after a long day of working, the Osim uDiva help him relax and while he’s away, his mom would be using the chair 🙂

Lee Minho for Osim uDiva in Malaysia

Having been in Malaysia for 3 times already, but with limited time, Lee Minho expresses his interest in visiting Malaysia islands such as Pulau Tioman (picture was shown during the game with fans) where he can relax and unwind.

Lee Minho has just finished working on a drama Gangnam Blues where the role he played is different than the previous ones he had before. He looks forward for the fans to see a different side of him. As for his singing career, Lee Minho’s 2nd album Song For You will be out in October.

We’ll look forward to your new drama, album and hope to see you soon!

Thank you OSIM Malaysia for the invitation

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