Kyochon’s World Biggest Branch – and its in Pavilion KL!

Kyochon Pavilion grand launch cutting ribbon

Ever had chicken sooo juicy but feeling guilty afterwards? Well you can stop now as KyoChon serves fried chicken made fresh on order and uses only antibiotic and growth hormone free chickens! It is also MSG free and cooked in Canola oil. How does that sound?

KyoChon, a combination of the Korean word for Pure (Kyo) and Village (Chon), represents the philosophy of the brand, which is to serve nothing but the most natural ingredients and a healthy way of producing their food. The founder of KyoChon, Mr Kwon Won Kang started the franchise 23 years ago in 1991 in a small town of Gu-mi in South Korea. Mr Kwon pioneered the double-frying technique which makes the chicken crispy for a longer time and less greasy. The sauces that comes with the chicken is also inspired by traditional Korean dish sauces, in which Mr Kwon was the first to apply sauces directly onto fried chicken after cooking, introducing the famous KyoChon Soy Garlic sauce which is loved by KyoChon fans worldwide.

Kyochon Pavilion grand launch

The restaurant stand by and promises 3 things, which is:

  1. To never, ever serve fast food
  2. To only use 100% natural ingredients
  3. To use only fresh and healthy chickens

KyoChon serves 4 popular menu choices, the Original Soy (salty), the Red (spicy) series, the Honey (sweet) series and the Salsal (crunchy) series. The chicken can be ordered individually or as a set with rice, fresh salad, chicken broth soup and refreshing Yuza or Plum soda tea from as low as RM16.90. Other than their fried chicken, KyoChon also serves flame grilled chicken thigh steak which takes 48 hours to prepare and special kimchi fried rice.

Kyochon Pavilion grand launch menu

On January 23, KyoChon Malaysia opened their 3rd branch in Malaysia at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, which is also the world’s largest branch! The opening ceremony, which was officiated by Mr Kwon Won Kang, was a successful event with a lion dance ceremony, complete with a red carpet area. Other than serving good food, they also showed that they know how to organize a good party! For those who haven’t tried KyoChon chicken, head out to Pavilion KL and order yourself some smacking goodness of fried chicken!

A big thank you to KyoChon Malaysia for the invitation and we look forward to many more branches in Malaysia in the future!

Psst, we heard that the franchisor is in talks of bringing the spokesperson of KyoChon, Lee Min Ho to Malaysia for a special fan meeting event. Watch out for news from us at this space!


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