5 Tattooed Korean Stars (Male)

Tattoos in Korea are not as popular as in US, but more and more celebrities getting inked to express themselves in their own way. We have rounded up to 5 Korean Male Stars to show their amazing and charming inked. Sexy or not, u  judge yourself!

Talking about tattoo, we can’t left out this guy. Jay Park, perhaps has the most tattoos among Korean Idols. Getting inked from his back of his ears  to the neck, back and side of his body. He stated that getting inked is how he express himself and to release stress. Our personal favorite are “6 stars” on his neck and “JWALKERZ” on his back which represent his fan club name.




BIGBANG’s very own leader G-Dragon also inked his upper body and arms, but our most favorite is “Too fast to live too young to die” on his back.  His tattoo on his right arms says “vita dolce”  which means ‘sweet life’ and on his left arms says “moderato” means ‘normal pace’.



BEAST’s rapper, Yong JunHyung has a pretty cool tattoo on his collarbone which says “Born again still your son” which he dedicated to his mom. And on his arm, the tattoo reads, “Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero” which is means “Take a hold of today. And only believe in the word tomorrow in the smallest way you can”.

The member of JYJ, Kim JaeJoong is known to be a huge fan of tattoos. He has quite many tattoos on his sexy body. And our personal favorite is “Always keep the faith” on his chest which represents his desires to keep his beliefs. Others tattoo are “Deferto Neminem” (Accuse no man, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet) on his chest, TVfXQ SOUL” and his birthday in Roman numerals on his back.

Solo singer, SE7EN also inked himself with a drawing of a treble cliff and number 7 that has a wing attached at the front, and behind it is what looks like a sun. He revealed the tattoo is to express his desire to commit himself with music and to fly high with his goals that he has set.


So, which is your favorite tattoo so far?

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