Lunafly says Thank You to fans with a special show!

“You make me laugh and cry
I never feel alone”

In conjunction with Lunafly’s 2nd anniversary, the band, thanked the fans by holding a Thank You show in Seoul. The event hall was full with Lunafly’s ‘family’ of fans who sang, laughed, cried and conversed easily with the boys, just like how families are.. and a sign of how Lunafly appreciated the fans dedication to the band.

LUNAFLY Thank You in Seoul

The members composed and wrote the lyrics to the song themselves, to express gratitude and love to the fans who have stand by them throughout the years. I picked up the lyrics above, because the 2 lines truly express the relationship that they have with the fans, as the fans were with the group each step of the way.

Lunafly members, Yun and Sam showed up on stage at 730 pm (Seoul time) and started the show by singing Clear Day, Cloudy Day. They continued with a few more songs before stopping and talked to the fans. The fans who were there came from all over the world, there were fans from England, Malaysia (including us, hehe), America, South America, and of course, South Korea.

LUNAFLY Sam Thank You in Seoul

Sam surprised fans by showing his talent by rapping in most of the songs while Yun makes the fans swoon with his beautiful voice during his solo performances. The boys even covered some of our favourite English hits such as Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours, Chris Brown’s With You and not to forget, Justin Timberlake’s Mirror.

During one of the breaks, they even prepared a surprise event for the fans. Before the show started, each fan were given a number, and the number was for the lucky draw in which if your number were called, you would receive 2 signed copies of Lunafly’s album and a one-on-one chance with the boys. The lucky winners (not this author tho), were called on stage to receive the albums and the boys gave them hugs! However, one of the fan has a boyfriend, and opted out on the hug! Sam also made the fans laugh when one of the lucky winners were from Japan, and he kept on repeating the word “kawaii” indicating that that’s the only Japanese word that he knows 😛

LUNAFLY Yun Thank You in Seoul

A fellow group under Neganetwork, LC9 also showed up on stage when Lunafly was taking a breather. LC9 did not disappoint as they also managed to get fans to get on their fans and dance along to the song. But their performance did not just end there, as LC9’s rapper J-Hyo joined Lunafly on stage for the song Special Guy (originally sang with Brown Eyed Girl’s Miryo).

All good things must come to an end, Lunafly closes the show with Fly to Love. Tho the time felt so short, it was a satisfying show for both Lunafly and the fans. Til we meet next time Lunafly!

A big thank you to ME Malaysia and Neganetwork for the chance to attend the show and celebrate with the boys.

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