When ‘My Mother Is A Daughter In Law’ On ONE HD This April 6!

My Mother is a Daughter-in-Law (Keyart)

Ever wondered how fate can change your life? In K-drama ‘My Mother Is A Daughter In Law‘, a daughter in law meets her late husband’s mother again in another circumstance!

Gyeong Sook (portrayed by Kim Hye Ri) is a widow who depends on her son Jung Soo (portrayed by Lee Yong Joon), a doctor by profession, to get by in life. When he brings home his girlfriend, Hyun Joo (portrayed by Shim Yi Young), Gyeong Sook immediately disapproves her because of her poor background.

After the couple got married, Gyeong Sook takes it upon herself to make her daughter-in-law’s life as hard as possible, just like how her late mother-in-law treated her. However, Gyeong Sook’s son dies in an unfortunate car accident, making the two women no longer related. They eventually remarry, but the tables are now turned – Gyeong Sook is now Hyun Joo’s niece-in-law!

Watch the drama unfold every Monday to Friday at 10:10pm on ONE HD (Astro B.yond Channel 393) starting April 6!

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