[Travelogue] Power Blogger Program Day 4 – Namdaemun Market and Ewha Womans University Street


We had a free schedule on the 4th day of ‘Power Blogger Program 2016’. So, we went to do what girls love to do the most! What is it? YES! SHOP! EAT! SHOP! EAT! YAY!



Namdaemun Market! Picture by KTO.

Namdaemun Market is one of the largest traditional markets in Korea and also one of the famous shopping places for tourists. It’s a heaven for everything, from clothes to souvenirs, all kind of products are sold here with affordable price. So, we spent the whole morning looking around for souvenirs for family and friends.


We met our good friend from KOFICE and had lunch at an Italian restaurant called “My X-wife’s Secret Recipe”! Err..did the owner stole his ex-wife’s secret recipe and open the restaurant? Lol What an interesting and catchy name for an eating place.

My X-wife’s Secret Recipe is located at Seoul Finance Center building. If you are taking the subway, you can take Line 1 City Hall Station, Exit 4 OR Line 5 Gwanghwamun Station, Exit 5.

Good food!

Giant shrimp pasta! Big portion, so you can share with your friend.


Seafood Risotto! Super yummeh!


One of the best Aglio Olio is here!


The area around Ewha Womans University, Korea’s famous women’s university, is a fashion haven for young women. This district features a number of stalls selling fashion items, such as clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for young women.


Picture by Cute Korea

Compared to Namdaemun Market, Ewha University street sells more trendy stuff at affordable prices, focusing more on youngsters. Probably not too suitable for older people!


We had dinner at an octopus restaurant near Cheonggye Stream. A variety of octopus dish can be found here but we tried the Octopus Bibimbap. If you have low tolerance to spicy food, DO NOT throw all your rice into the bowl!!! Try the gravy first, then mix it up to your taste. It was super spicy for us, so we only put half of the gravy.


That’s all for our Day 4 travelogue. Stay tuned for more!

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