[EXCLUSIVE] Jung Kyung Ho and EXO’s Chanyeol talks about ‘Missing 9’

Missing 9 is a mystery drama about nine people stranded on an island after an unexpected plane crash, causing widespread panic in Korea. With a myriad of personalities, the nine victims are forced to overcome their differences for a chance to survive on a deserted island. Missing 9 stars Jung Kyung Ho, Baek Jin Hee, Park Chan Yeol, Choi Tae Joon, Lee Sun Bin and more, is currently airing on Oh!K (Astro Ch 394).

Missing 9_9인 쉘터 가로형

We at K-popped! got a chance to get acquainted with two of the cast members of Missing 9, Jung Kyung Ho and Park Chan Yeol and my, we’re lucky!

Actor Jung Kyung Ho is well known for his roles in I’m Sorry, I Love You (2004), Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007), Smile, You (2009) and Cruel City (2013). Since then, he has gained success among international fans with his lead roles in Falling for Innocence (2015) and One More Happy Ending (2016). Meanwhile, Park Chan Yeol won’t need an introduction among K-pop fans. As a rapper of the top boy band in Korea, EXO, Chanyeol is known for his talent as a rapper, singer, songwriter and actor.

Without much further ado, check out the interview with these two hotties below :

Could you share with us about your character in the show?

Jung kyungho EXO Chanyeol

Jung Kyung-ho: Hello, I’m Jung Kyung Ho, I act as Seo Joon-o in the new drama, Missing 9. My role in this drama is a former leader of a band called ‘Dreamers’. He is the leader of a famous band who got involved in an accident and lost his fame. Unexpectedly, he was one of the passengers on a plane that belongs to Seo Joon-o’s entertainment agency’s that crashed onto a deserted island. He then becomes one of the 9 members who went missing after the crash. This drama has quite an unusual theme and I’m enjoying the filming process. All of the actors and actresses, alongside the entire staff members are working very hard and having fun on the set at the same time. I am very happy to be a part of it. Thank you.

Park Chanyeol: Hi my name is Chanyeol and I play the role of Lee Yeol. Like described earlier, Lee Yeol the youngest of the dreamers and he plays the drum as well as the handsome guy in the band. He is always positive and optimistic. Even through the dismal circumstances in the island, he stays bright and optimistic. Although this technically is my first drama, it is my honor to be a part of such a good drama and get to work in an environment so fun. It was really fun so far and it will be in the future. Thank you so much.

To Jung Kyung-ho : Are there any real-life circumstances which you referred to while acting your character?

Jung Kyungho
Jung Kyung Ho

Jung Kyung-ho: First of all, I didn’t refer to anyone in real-life. Seo Joon-o was unknown before becoming a member of Dreamers. The band gains great popularity, but Joon-o makes a mistake and falls into abyss by himself. These mistakes strip everything away from him. And he ends up on an island. That process does not change suddenly but rather gradually. I think of this drama as a 16-episode series of how Seo Joon-o grows up to be an adult. He is becoming more humane and we are still in the process of unraveling this charcter Joon-o.

Perhaps there is a specific example or instance that you referred to?

Jung Kyung-ho: No, not around me.

To Chanyeol : This is your first drama in a terrestrial broadcasting drama. We would like to know how you prepared. How is your acting? How are you going to overcome the preconception? Are there any expectations?

EXO Chanyeol (2)
Park Chan Yeol

Park Chanyeol: Like I said before, I felt nervous and pressured. ‘I must do well’ was the dominant thought that went through my head. I need to do well to overcome the preconception on idol stars acting. I studied a lot and had seek answers from those around me. I also practiced a lot from observing the actors and actresses here. So, when I arrived on site for the first time, I was so nervous and I didn’t even know what I was doing. Thankfully, our fellow casts helped a lot. As time went on, we became closer and I was relieved. I am having fun right now. I don’t know how it is different in other places, but during every recession, we chat and play with each other. It is fun and, to be honest, I still feel the pressure. However, I think it is a good thing that I am having fun and that is the mind-set I have right now while filming.

To Chanyeol : You are the youngest of all. There must be both good and bad aspects of being the youngest. How does it feel like? And what is the upside?

Park Chanyeol: I first thought there would be a lot of upsides for being the youngest. I think the biggest upside of being the youngest is that people adore me and care me with love.

To Jung Kyung-ho : Is there any pressure stemming from other series (Saimdang and Chief Kim) that will premiere at the same time around? What kind of pressure are you going through and what are the strengths of Missing Nine?

Jung kyungho Baek Jinhee
Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee

Jung Kyung-ho: I haven’t done many series so far, but every time, I had to go up against great actors and actresses. I don’t know how the result will look like, but as much as I had to compete with great actors/actresses and series in the past, those series especially left big impacts on me. They are all memorable to me. Some of the series that I was especially worried about rings in my heard even harder and I recall the sites to be much better in terms of overall atmosphere.

The teaser video reminds a lot of ‘Law of the Jungle’ from SBS. Lee Sun-bin and Park Chanyeol appeared on ‘Law of the Jungle’ before. Did that experience help you in choosing this drama? Did that experience help you while filming? Also, if you land in a jungle who do you think will be most fit to survive?

Park Chanyeol
Park Chan Yeol

Park Chanyeol: While I was filming, I recalled my days at the ‘Law of the Jungle’ a lot. The environment is similar and especially when I was making a fire. But, I do not necessarily think there is any connection between this drama and ‘Law of the Jungle.’ And, honestly, I think it would be happy to go to jungle all together. I think Jung Kyung-ho will be able to lead us well. But, I think it would be fun, seriously. I want to go once. But, we are at MBC…

Are there any promises on a target rating? 

Park Chanyeol: I hope as much as our album sales volume…Haha!

Missing 9 casts

And that was short interview with the two actors! Don’t forget to tune in to Missing 9 on Oh!K (Astro Ch 394) within 24 hours of Korean telecast, every Thursday & Friday at 7.50 pm.