What you missed at KCON NY 2017!


It’s another great year at KCON NY 2017 which took up two full days at the convention center on La Fayette St. with the busy KCON NY schedule and Special Guests. Bringing in hundreds of fans from all over the world, from right in Jersey City to even as far as Australia!

We had the chance to attend this year and show you what KCON on the East Coast is all about, from the loud K-pop music you can listen to all day, everyone’s favorite random play dance at the Toyota Booth, Meet and Greet with your favorites, Dance Workshops, K-pop albums and merchandise to delicious Korean food and drinks!

Day One of the convention had just the perfect weather that KCON NY needed, light winds, sunny day and sprinkles of rain here to there. Day Two was definitely a moody weather with strong pouring rain throughout the early morning and burning hot sun along with strong winds, compared to last year as many fans got sunburned from the strong sunlight. Fans can be seen with umbrellas over their heads, water in one hand and fan on the other!

If you missed the Special Guests KNK who attended Klub Kcon to briefly meet their Tinkerbells, see our photos here.

We got a chance to do a full coverage on Day One by heading to see Kevin Woo’s Meet & Greet (Former U-Kiss member) which was fully packed even before 10 a.m. Check out our article and what went down with his Meet&Greet panel here.

K-pop isn’t K-pop without the dancers and singers. Performers from all over the globe came on stage to show off their talents and strengths; with superb dances from JunCurryAhn and GOTOE, 1MILLION Dance Studio, smooth honey vocals of Jason Ray with his English K-pop Covers like Winner’s “Really Really” and pop covers like Zedd & Alessia Cara’s “Stay”.

On top of that, David Kim and his ‘real story’ love songs stages on Day One and EAST2WEST, fans during K-pop dance battles and K-pop Girl Group Coco Avenue with their singles like “어때 [Eottae]” and K-pop covers from songs like 2ne1. Check out our photos from the convention here.

Speaking of dancing, we also attended 1Million Dance Studio workshop by some of the greatest Korean dancers, where Lia Kim, Koosung Jung, Sori Na, Eunho Kim, May J Lee, and Yoojung Lee taught the fans who attended from 11-2pm step by step. The fans also got a chance to dance with them for the dance round and were filmed by the man behind all the great covers on their channel. They took the main stage at the convention at 4 p.m. for a final performance, if you missed the workshop or dance off check out the exciting fun filled photos here.

HIGHLIGHT (formerly known as BEAST) headed to the PyeongChang 2018 booth at 2 p.m. which had everything you would get to know about the location and of course the Winter Olympics that will be taking place next year. Lights (Highlight’s fandom name) all lined up to see them early with banners provided by their US fans, showing them love and support as they arrive at the convention.  They then headed to the convention stage to be honored as the Ambassadors of PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics Event, see our photos of the award and gifts here.

If you didn’t attend this year’s KCON NY concert, do not fret, we made full articles about it which you can check here for Day 1 Line-up Red Carpet photos and Concert Review and Day 2 Line-up Red Carpet photos and Concert Review.

Last but not least, we would like to give a big thanks CJ E&M and MNET for allowing our team to cover the biggest Convention for all K-pop fans in the USA this year in New York 2017!

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