6 Attractions in Jeju Island You Shouldn’t Miss

South Korea is one of the most popular country to visit by Malaysian. Last year, 311,254 Malaysian tourists visited Korea which ranked as the second highest following after Thailand comparing among four neighboring Southeast Asian countries. This is a 40% increase compared to last year and the number of Malaysian tourists visiting Korea is steadily increasing over the past few years. The number of Korean tourists who visited Malaysia last year was 444,439 which has increased 5.5% from the previous year.

Noticeable fact is that more than 20% of visiting Malaysian tourists visit Jeju. As of 2016, there are only two Southeast Asian Countries, Malaysia and Singapore, with more than 20% of visiting tourists who also visit Jeju.

Which month do Malaysian tourists visiting Korea visit Jeju the most? Looking at the monthly visiting ratio over the past seven years, more tourists visited on April, October, November, and December when it is a time of holidays and vacations. Number of tourist visiting Jeju greatly decreased during Summer on June, July, and August.

On July 29th, Jeju Tourism Organization, extensively held tourism sessions for related industry and individual tourists jointly with Busan Tourism Organization and Gyeongnam prior to Malaysia outbound peak season which is fall and winter.

During this session, Jeju Tourism Organization introduced recommended fall and winter tourist attractions such as fall foliage, silver grass habitat, snow viewing, luminarie and so on.

1) Halla Mountain Dullegil, Cheonasuwonji, ‘Tourist attraction to enjoy Jeju’s maple leaves’

Photo credit : Slowalker

2) Jeolmul Natural Recreation Forest, Experience woodland walks suited with cool fall weather

Photo credit : Trazy

3) Sangumburi, Jeju’s most famous Jeju’s tourist attraction for beautiful silver grass habitat

Photo credit : KTO

4) Halla Mountatin Climbing, A place where you can feel the genuine winter of Jeju

5) Camellia Hill, Beautiful place where camellias are in full bloom in January

Photo credit : KTO

6) Jeju Herb Dongsan, A place where fancy luminaire is spread out in winter night

Photo credit : JejuWeekly

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Jeju Tourism Organization plan to strengthen the attraction of foreign tourists by utilizing on and off-line media for individual tourists through “Discover New Jeju” campaign from September.