[Travelogue] Power Blogger Program Day 3 – MBK Entertainment, SM Town COEX Artium, MBC World Broadcast Theme Park and Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market


Day 3 of ‘Power Blogger Program’ started a little bit late at 10AM on November 30, where we had an appointment at the one of the bigger entertainment agencies in South Korea!



MBK Entertainment building

MBK Entertainment stands for Music Beyond Korea, and is the agency of popular artists such as girl group T-Ara, DIA, Shannon, High Brow and many more. The company’s headquarters are located at Gangnam-gu, Seoul and was only filled with the staff when we arrived there (too bad there were no artistes present).


Before touring the company, we had a short chat with the management to know more about their company, the artistes, trainees, K-pop industry and more. MBK Entertainment mainly focuses on music, but they do have the interest to focus on acting soon. You probably wondered how MBK Entertainment’s artist were cast before debut… Well, most of them were introduced or recommended by their connections. They also picked trainees through reality shows / tv programmes, Youtube or through auditions.


Some of the awards won by the MBK Entertainment’s artistes

Like any other entertainment company in South Korea, trainees in MBK Entertainment will go through the learning process from three to four years before debut. But it really depends on the person’s capability, which makes it possible to debut earlier if the management think they are ready. The trainees are not getting paid but the company offers the place to stay and the opportunity to be a professional artists.


Photos of the artists on the one side of the wall

It was an interesting session as we learnt further into how entertainment companies work in Korea. We also exchanged opinions about K-pop especially in our respective countries and what kind of events we always wanted from the artistes and more.


Vocal training room


Dance training room


Thank you MBK Entertainment for the albums! We are giving away these albums soon, so watch out on our space!



The next attraction for us K-pop fans to visit is the SM TOWN COEX Artium! We have been there before to tour around the SM TOWN COEX building, but this time we have another mission to be accomplished! We have to learn how SM artistes carry out vocal training, dance and even do photoshoots!


The lounge

We had an hour of dance lessons to ‘Dancing King’ by EXO. It was hard and tiring, but fun at the same time. For first timers and stiff bodies like ours, we have to struggle a lot. Our dance teacher said she chose ‘Dancing King’ because it was fun and one of the easiest dance step by EXO. Are you serious? We swear, it looks easy but it was not especially when we had to match the beat. We respect you EXO!  This song also popular because Yoo Jae Suk was featured in one of the performance before, yes, Yoo Jae Suk did so well! If you haven’t watched the clip, watch it here.

After that, we had to experience the vocal training session for 30 minutes. We sang to EXO’s Miracle in December. We learnt the right pronounciation, breathing technics and more. Since we had a hard time earlier, the lesson this time is much more easier 😀 At least we didn’t have to shake our body. Lol


Our vocal teacher played the piano while we sing

Finally, we had our own photoshoot!!! It was fun! If you are stiff and don’t know how to pose, worry not because the professional cameraman will guide you through out the photoshoot! We heard they provided a package where you can choose among the SM artistes concept, and they will provide you with the complete set of clothes, makeup, hairstylist and photobook!


Photo studio


The make-up room!


The outfit worn by EXO’S Kai during EXO’luXion concert


Red Velvet stage outfit during Dumb Dumb promotion


Super Junior’s stage outfit


EXO’s collection

You all can experience this too by going to SM Town COEX Artium!



K-drama fans, where you at? MBC World Broadcast Theme Park is a MUST visit for all of you. MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) is one of the major Korean broadcasters, also known for their hit K-dramas such as ‘Coffee Prince’, ‘W’, ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun’, ‘Personal Taste’, ‘Angry Mom’ and so on.  The theme park is complete with hologram K-pop concerts, virtual reality drama sets, trick eye museum for K-drama fans and more.



MBC World History


Trick Eye Museum based on K-drama


The set of hit K-drama, The Moon that Embraces the Sun


K-drama set


Sculpture at Digital Media City (DMC)


Famous Korean celebrities finger print can be found all over the place outside the broadcast station



Clean market

And then it was time for dinner! Yay! This time we went to explore Noryangjin Market where all kind of seafood were. You can either buy the seafood to bring back home, or eat them fresh at the market. The second floor of the market is full of restaurants. You can buy the seafood downstairs and bring it up to the restaurants and ask them to cook it for you. How cool is that?


All kinds of seafood sold here!


We tried a few type of dishes but this one is the best!


Dare to try? Raw + fresh moving octopus!


YUMS! Wrap in lettuce leaf



That’s all for Day 3 of the ‘Power Blogger Program’. Stay tuned for more updates on our next journey!

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