[Event Coverage] ‘HOLA HOLA’, KARD starts WILD KARD in Minneapolis

The first stop for KARD #WILDKARDinUSA PT.2 has officially begun, making their way to the city of Minneapolis where Hidden Kard’s were waiting.

Hidden Kards were already gathering up at the door around 12PM with bright smiles in the hot weather, as it’s a first time that the state Minnesota is chosen to hold a K-pop concert so fans were really excited to have this huge opportunity to come and see KARD for the show.

Fans were seen passing out banners and free gifts for all the fans attending the #WILDKARDinMN along with the U.S flag that wrote “WILD KARD IN MINNEAPOLIS” with fan signatures and mini messages that completely filled up the beautiful flag that was going to be handed to the group.

Around 3:30PM, fans gathered outside the State Theater to do a flashmob of KARD’s hits and play ‘Random K-pop Dance’ which is very popular in the K-pop community during concert line-ups. As it reached 4:45PM, P1 ticket holders went inside the venue for their fansign with KARD, and as it ended fans excitedly came back out with screams, tears, laughter and stories of their interactions with each member along with the signed ‘HOLA HOLA’ album in their hand.

Counting down the time for the doors to finally open, and right when the staff allowed everyone in, fans literally poured through the man doors and headed inside to their seats or was waiting in line for KARD Merchandise.

White lightsticks filled the State Theater and just before the show started, the members were seen by the fans on the sidelines, waiting for the music to start. This cause a fan scream that filled up the Theater to the point that the music playing overhead couldn’t be heard.

Finally it was time! The light dimmed as a Intro Video came out to introduce the members of KARD, and KARD came out to perform and Minneapolis fans screamed their heart for the first song “Don’t Recall (Hidden Version)”. Continuing next was their first project album that got them noticed all over the world “Oh Na Na (feat. Hur Young Ji)”.

Official MC of the tour, Danny Lim came out and chatted with the fans quickly about how crazy the Minnesota fans are, with their great energy before starting the Q&A Session with KARD. They each went down the line (B.M, Somin, Jiwoo, J.Seph) and introduced themselves to the fans.

KARD received so much love from the Hidden Kards, nonstop cheers that just brought smiles to their faces. Once again, the talk about how ‘LIT’ Minneapolis fans are, got the crowd roaring even louder!


To begin the Q&A, fans was told on SNS to write questions for KARD, the members will then draw the questions from the box and answer them. You can check out the Q&A session below :



They started their cover performances with “The Monster” by Eminem feat. Rihanna. B.M and J. Seph came out to show off their American and Korean swag with a song they wrote together before heading off stage.

A VCR then started to play in front, starting off with Jiwoo followed by the rest of the members discussed on camera when they wanted to be singer, reaching their dreams and how it was like during their trainee days. They went on next by talking about dropping their project albums and the feeling of reaching No.1 on all charts.

“We couldn’t believe it”, said Somin, then lastly their official debut and their never ending thanks to Hidden Kards. The VCR ends with quick clips of their baby photos and in big words at the end “I LOVE YOU HIDDEN KARDS”.

The lights came back up and the next jam was “난 멈추지 않는다 (I Can’t Stop)” from their ‘Hola Hola’ album, the show continues with a slow RnB vibe from the ladies Jiwoo and Somin with Bruno Mars “Versace On The Floor” which was an absolute killer!

They then performed “Side to Side” which had simple, yet sexy choreography with J.Seph and BM rapping with their own written lyrics for the song and ending the cover performances with “Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z feat. Alicia Keys.

Next, they came back to perform “Rumor” and “Hola Hola” the Minneapolis fans prepared a gift for the fans by holding up banners that completely filled the theater. The KARD members was smiling through out the entire performances and all the Hidden Kards were singing along to the entire song that you couldn’t hear the background music playing overhead. They then headed backstage once more to change.

All the members were wearing the KARD T-shirt as they finished up their encore songs with “Don’t Recall” and telling their fans to put there hands up for “Living Good”. B.M said if they ever get the chance to do another tour they’ll definitely come back to Minneapolis! Before closing the show KARD and Hidden Kards all gathered to to take a group photo which they posted on their social media page!

We would like the thank SubKulture Entertainment for giving us the opportunity to cover the event along with their hard work throughout the show. We would also like to give our thanks to Mike Beck and his staff at State Theater for their warm welcome and hard work throughout the show!


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