[Event Coverage] Explosive Ear Candy at Taeyang’s White Night Concert in Kuala Lumpur

Ear candy… Two words that would sum up Taeyang’s concert last Sunday (15th October) at Stadium Negara. Taeyang is back in Malaysia once again for the 7th time, but his 2nd time as solo artist for his 2017 World Tour White Night in Kuala Lumpur.

Proven as one of the most successful male solo debuts, Taeyang performed a total of 23 songs, including his hits such as ‘Wedding Dress’, ‘Only Look At Me’ and ‘I Need A Girl’. Of course he had to remind us that he is from the top group BIGBANG, while rocking the stage with a series of BIGBANG hits songs such as ‘Last Dance’, ‘Bang Bang Bang’ and ‘Fantastic Baby’.

Performing solo without any special instruments doesn’t make us feeling empty or anything lacking. Taeyang’s voice alone filled up Stadium Negara and our hearts. The live band accompanied his voice perfectly and we have no complains at all. Fans were very supportive to sing along with him every time they got a chance. Even Taeyang can’t hide his smile when sometimes the whole stadium sang along to his songs, especially during his ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ performance.

Well, probably the only thing that was quite disturbing was the usage of too much special effects on the screen. Sometimes the fans got too distracted looking at the screen, rather than watching the stage. Lol

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We would like to thank IME Asia for the awesome night!

Concert rating : 8.5/10

TAEYANG 2017 WORLD TOUR WHITE NIGHT in Kuala Lumpur Setlist :

1. Ringa Linga
2. Body
3. Super Star
4. Wake Me Up
5. Only Look At Me
6. Wedding Dress
7. Amazin’
8. 1AM
9. Naked
10. So Good
11. I Need A Girl
12. Empty Road
13. Ride
14. Tonight
15. Love You to Death
16. Last Dance
17. Darling

18. Break Down
19. Good Boy
20. Stay With Me
21. Bang Bang Bang
22. Fantastic Baby
23. Eyes, Nose, Lips