Kuala Lumpur got hotter as Taeyang “RISE” the temperature with his performance!

TAEYANG Rise World Tour in Malaysia 2015 5

Kuala Lumpur was hotter than usual yesterday because we had another hot ‘Sun’ in town. T to the A to the E to the Y to ANG!!! BIGBANG’s member, TAEYANG held his first ever world tour in Malaysia on 2015 February 07 (Saturday) , 6:30PM at Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur. And no doubt the show was extremely AWESOME!

Taeyang appeared to the crowd with sleeveless black shirt and shiny golden pants, a bit late from the promised time. He opened the stage with Body and Superstar accompanied by a live band, fireworks and screaming fans. Greeting his Malaysia fans with, “Apa khabar Malaysia..Did you guys miss me?”, he then showed off his dance move in his next song called Move.

TAEYANG Rise World Tour in Malaysia 2015 4

Taeyang did a good job serenading the fans with the acoustic version of You’re My while playing the keyboard. He then performed a series of his hits songs, I Need A Girl, Eyes Nose Lips, Just Look At Me and Wedding Dress. During I Need A Girl performance, Taeyang decided to be a bit cheesy. He started the conversation with “Malaysia, I see a lot of beautiful ladies here, since the beginning I couldn’t take my eyes off you. And so I want to invite one of you to the stage. Is it ok?” And then, a lucky fan was invited on stage and Taeyang asked if she has a boyfriend? When the girl said “No!”, Taeyang said “I’ll be your boyfriend tonight!” before continue serenading her. Awwww~~

Taeyang showed his appreciation towards Malaysia fans so many times throughout the concert. “Malaysia, I’m so happy to be here! I’ve been waiting to do this tour for so long. It took me 4 years before I come out with this album RISE, and this tour.” He then continued performing This Ain’t It, Ringa Linga, Breakdown, 1AM and Stay With Me. Fans went wild at the mentioned of G-Dragon, during Stay With Me performance but too bad he was only featured on the screen.

TAEYANG Rise World Tour in Malaysia 2015

“Do you guys like the tracks GD and I did together? What about Good Boy? But only one good boy is here today, is it ok without GD?” Nevertheless, Taeyang still did a good job performing Good Boy alone without his best friend.

During a short break, Taeyang picked up a few words that he learnt during his stay in Malaysia and turned it into self-composed song. The lyrics goes like “Malaysia, Apa khabar..Saya cinta kamu!..Terima kasih!..Saya rindu kamu!..Saya mimpi kamu!..I love you..Jumpa lagi Malaysia!”  Taeyang prepared a gift for his loyal fans. He gave away his white sneakers and the hat that he was wearing that night to the lucky fans, picked by himself. A lucky fangirl and a fanboy was chosen through a lucky draw. Instead to the other fans, the kind-hearted Taeyang gave everyone his music.ㅋㅋHe then continued with the last  two songs, Let Go and Love You To Death.

TAEYANG Rise World Tour in Malaysia 2015 2

Fans couldn’t get enough of Taeyang, chanting “DONG YOUNGBAE! DONG YOUNGBAE! DONG YOUNGBAE!” for the encore stage. Taeyang came out once again for the encore performing Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby, Body and Eyes Nose Lips.

What caught fans’ attention that night was Taeyang’s white snap-back written with Arabic words ‘Syuruk Ash-Shamsu’ which means ‘Sun Rising’. You can see the same words printed on all his official merchandise as well. It seems like Taeyang is interested in Arabic words lately as in one photo session with fashion magazine Dazed & Confused, Taeyang caught people’s eye with his Arabic words tattoo on his inner lips.

TAEYANG Rise World Tour in Malaysia 2015 3

“Malaysia, you are number 1, from my heart, I love you! Thank you for being an amazing crowd! I will never and can’t forget about tonight. Thank you and I love Malaysia.” said Taeyang. It’s overwhelming every time we listened to the fans singing along to all his songs without failed. Malaysia VIPs jjang!

Big thanks to IME Productions for the invitation!