[Event Coverage] MXM Shared Members’ Secrets During Press Conference in Kuala Lumpur

South Korea’s new boy band MXM took the lead to come to the media the day before their fan meeting and revealed unknown secrets of each other! The duo consists of Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun started the press conference by greeting the crowd in Bahasa. “Apa khabar?” said the duo cheerfully.

<Produce 101> that increased MXM awareness and popularity made a lot of fans wait at the airport to welcome their arrival in Malaysia. MXM were very surprised! They both praised the fans’ enthusiasm at the press conference and promised to bring their fans the best performance with a grateful heart.

When asked about how they feel to be here in Malaysia, Young Min said this is their first official visit to Malaysia and they are looking forward to have a great time with everyone.

Young Min who was born in Singapore was asked about the different feelings of Malaysia and Singapore. Alas, he said that he had only lived in Singapore for 5 years since he was a child. Therefore, he does not have much memories of Singapore.

Next Music Concept..

Talking about their next music concept, so far, MXM had tried funky music or something that’s mixed with tropical sound, so they would like to try out a band image.  Also, their company (Brand New Music) is well-known for hip hop, so they wish to try hip hop too in the future.

Lee dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin..

For Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin, who is also under the same company as MXM and participated in Produce 101 together, everyone is very concerned about the possibility of future cooperation between these four people. Dong Hyun expressed that they are very good friends even after their debut. They also always encourage each other, cheer and hope to have the opportunities to cooperate with them.


As for the artists they would like to collaborate with in the future, Young Min said that he always liked Jay Park, and Dong Hyun admires Park Hyo-shin, Crush, and a girl duet Bolbbalgan 4, and hopes that they will be able to work with them in the future.


When asked to share each other’s secrets, they laughed and said that in fact, many fans are familiar with them, and Young Min pointed out that Dong Hyun always love to eat, but recently his poor appetite made him ate less.

Meanwhile, Dong Hyun said that Young Min recently fell in love with a film camera. And this time, he brought his own camera when he came to Malaysia and is ready to show his photography talent!

The song “Diamond Girl” was dedicated to their fans. They wanted to tell everyone that they are the most beautiful in their minds! Young Min said that MXM is a very dynamic idol group and hopes that MXM’s strength will be recognized by everyone and become an idol of unlimited potential. Dong Hyun also hopes that MXM’s songs will always cheer up the fans.

The press conference ended with a photo session and gift exchange by Warner Music to MXM, and MXM presented their special Match Up Fan Meeting plaque to Warner Music, iMe Asia and Ritz Carlton Hotel representative.

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