[Event Coverage] The King Got Together for A Tour Party in Malaysia

South Korean idol boy band The King visited Malaysia again. This time members Sejin, Donghyuk, Seungjae, Rang and Bawool spent three days with their fans in “Get-Together Tour Party” held around Klang Valley and Ipoh.

Prior to their first showcase on April 27, a press conference was held in Setiawalk Mall, Puchong. K-popped! was delighted to be invited to join it. Let’s check out their answers at the PC ^^


What is the difference between “Look Back” and your previous concepts?

Rang: The genre for instant is really different from our previous tracks. Rather than R&B or smooth harmony, this time (for “Look Back”) it’s a bit stronger in melody and more upbeat.


What is your expectation for this round of promo tour?

Donghyuk: First of all, being able to do promotion on our own and to be this close with our fans is actually our very first experience so it is very meaningful. And we are looking forward to meet our fans and show them what we have.


What have you prepared for this promo tour?

Seungjae: The last time we came to Malaysia it was only for a short while. So this time hopefully we could have more interactions with our fans.


Who is your role model in this industry?

Sejin: We really look up to our senior, Big Bang and we really inspire to be as successful as them one day.

Do you have any plans to venture into acting or modelling?

Sejin: In the future we do hope that we can try that (acting or modelling). However for now we are going to concentrate on our music and to be more successful as The King.


Since this is not your first time in Malaysia, is there any food that you missed and want to eat again?

Bawool: I think we all have the same answers for this. Ready..? 1..2..3..


All members: SATAY!! ^^


On Saturday April 28, K-popped! attended The King’s second showcase for this promo tour. During the showcase at The Mines, they performed 5 songs and played games with lucky fans. A fan-signing event also took place right after their performance.

Check out their performances below :






We would like to thank Yipin Studio for the invitation to The King’s Get-Together Tour Party in Malaysia.