[Exclusive] Getting Closer With Girl Group, RANIA

RANIA‘s name is not strange among many K-pop fans, as RANIA has been in the industry since 2011. With a long history of ups and downs, including controversies and line-up changes for a few times, RANIA didn’t give up and is still going strong. In conjunction of their promo Tour in Malaysia this 29th June until 1st July, we at K-popped! had a chance to interview the girls and get to know their recent wherebouts. Let’s get started, shall we? 🙂

K-POPPED! : Hello Rania! Please share with us your recent activities and your upcoming plans for this year.

Ttabo : We are promoting overseas and our new album will be released this summer.
Jieun : We are preparing for Malaysia and Brazil’s promotion tour now. We are also working hard on our new album that will be released this summer.
Zi.U : We’ve been preparing for a comeback!!! I am working hard for us, and for myself.


K-POPPED! : When can we expect a new album from Rania?

Hyeme : We are preparing it now.
Ttabo : Our new album will be released this summer.
Jieun : I think we will be coming back in this hot summer.




K-POPPED! : Has anyone been to Malaysia before, and what have they heard about the country?

Hyeme: ^^ This is my first time. Of course, I’ve heard about Malaysia.
Ttabo: First time
Jieun: I’ve been to Malaysia for filming!
Zi.U: I’ve never been there


K-POPPED! : What was the first thing that came into your mind when you first heard that you’re coming to Malaysia for a tour?

Hyeme : Since I like food a lot, I was thinking about the Malaysian foods
Ttabo : I am surprised. It was like a dream.
Jieun : When I think of finally being able to meet with our overseas fans, I feel excited. My heart is going pit-a-pat while thinking about it.
Zi.U : Is it hot? And I want to learn the Malaysian language. Since it’s our first time going there, I feel excited and looking forward to it.



K-POPPED! : Any variety shows that you have yet to try but would want to?

Hyeme : Is it possible for me to go on a Malaysian variety program?
Ttabo : I’d like to make an appearance on MAMA concert.
Jieun: Running Man?
Zi.U : Running Man! Salty Tour! Knowing Bros!


K-POPPED! : What kind of superpowers do you want to have? Why?

Hyeme : It would be good if I could teleport, because I am lazy to move.
Ttabo : Superpowers that allows me to eat a lot without getting fat?
Jieun : When I watch Running Man, there is someone who can controls time, I found it quite interesting. No matter in happy times or someone who’s encountering a difficult situation, I think I could help them..
Zi.U : Someone who controls time!!! I want to go back to 10s.

K-POPPED! : Who do the members look up into the most in this industry? / Your role model?

Hyeme : Senior CL.
Ttabo : Beyonce, Nicki Minaj
Jieun : Senior BoA, she’s been my role model when I was in primary school till now.
Zi.U : Senior Kim Hye Soo and Senior CL. It was wonderful and respectful to walk in silence with your own way.




K-POPPED! : Who is the most active on social media among the members?

Hyeme : I am the one who use social media a lot.
Ttabo : Zi-U
Jieun : Everyone!! It’s a social media generation now, because we will have to communicate with our oversea fans as well, so we often holding our phones in hands.
Zi.U : Isn’t everyone is doing it well?? I do according to my feel! Sometimes I do, but sometimes I don’t! I just do it whenever I want.

K-POPPED! : The last song you listened to last night? / What is your current favourite song?

Hyeme : Rather than listening to favourite songs, I often listen to the latest songs.
Ttabo : Songs by Nicki Minaj
Jieun : Different at times, it’s based on my mood. The last song I listened to yesterday was the new song we are working on our Rania’s new album
Zi.U : The last song I listened to.. What was it? I’ve listened too much.. Friends..? The song I like the most.. Hmm… too much.. “Don’t give” and “Friends” is nice too.. It seems there’s too much that I like?!?!


K-POPPED! : What is the biggest goal you guys want to achieve as a group this year?

Hyeme : To win the 1st prize
Ttabo : I hope to have more fans.
Jieun : Hope Rania will be able to win an award! I want to be a group that is recognized not only in Korea but also overseas.
Zi.U : Win the 1st!!!




K-POPPED! : Have you ever in your trainee life had a thought like ‘should I just give up and be like other normal kids?

Hyeme : Yes, although I had a tough time, but I fought against it.
Ttabo: I’ve had thought about it.
Jieun : That’s a lie if I say no, right? Yes, I did! However, I regretted of having such thought. Because I have to do it..
Zi.U : I started my trainee life since I was 17 years old, I gave up my dream to be a singer when I was 19 to 20 years old due to the debut be killed off repeatedly. However, I wasn’t living like a usual person during that time either. I had been working as a model
and actor at the same time. I’ve never thought of living as a normal person and give up my works in the entertainment industry.


K-POPPED! : If you can be another member for a day, which member you want to be?

Hyeme : I want to live as Jieun.
Ttabo : I want to be our Leader Jieun, and have her long legs.
Jieun : Hyeme, I want to eat like Hyeme without worrying so much even just for a day.. Why isn’t she gaining weight no matter how she eats?
Zi.U : Hyeme, because we have a total tendency, I’d like to experience it!


K-POPPED! : Which member is the most different on and off camera?

Hyeme : Jieun
Ttabo : Everyone is different.
Jieun : Hyeme is different between on stage and off stage. She looks strong and girl crush on stage but she is showing her ‘maknae’ side when off-stage.
Zi.U : It is me, maybe? Because I look different on the stage and off the stage! Normally, I like to laugh and I eat a lot, but I couldn’t do it on the stage.


BONUS : A message to K-popped! fans especially in Malaysia.


That’s it! Want to know more about RANIA? Or can’t wait to see RANIA in Malaysia soon? Rejoice because Yi Pin Studio is bringing in Rania to tour Kuala Lumpur – Penang from June 29 to to July 1, 2018 for RANIA & You Promo Tour Party in Malaysia 2018! Don’t miss it!