[Press Conference] SF8 Sci-Fi K-Drama on Oh!K (Episode 5 : Baby It’s Over Outside)

SF8 Episode #5: Baby It’s Over Outside (일주일 만에 사랑할 없다)

Premiere: Saturday, 12 September 2020, 8pm, Oh!K (Astro Ch 394)

Cast: Lee David as Nam Woo, Shin Eun-soo as Hae Hwa

Director: Ahn Kook-jin

Synopsis: It’s one week before the fall of a meteorite that will bring the end of the world. Nam Woo is lonely and has lived a lonely life for 6 years to become a police. Due to the news of the world ending, people started to reveal their identities, such as super powers! Hae Hwa starts to gather around people with super powers to try and protect the world. Will they be able to stop the apocalypse from happening?


Host: Director Ahn, why one week till the end of the world?

Ahn Kook-jin (AKJ): A week is little bit long to just give up and not do anything. But it’s too short of a time to try new things and change things. It’s very ambiguous amount of time. That’s why I had set it up as is.


Host: Lee David and Shin Eun-soo, if you have a week time left, what would you do?

Lee David (LD): I had already decided what I want to do after watching a movie before. It’s called Knocking on Heaven’s Door and in the movie the characters go to ocean shore for the end. If I have a week of time left, I will hop on my car and travel around. And at the end I will go to beach side and greet the world’s end there.

Shin Eun-soo (SES): I have only lived for 19 years. There’s so much more you can do as an adult. I would do those things in advance. If I don’t have to consider the law, I would drive a car.


Host: How was the atmosphere like on filming site?

LD: First of all, our director he is our team leader. The energy that he has is rather unique. I looked at this character Namu and then I looked at the director and I found Namu right there from the director. I thought maybe this could be a story about his childhood or when he was younger. Our director he is very joyful and has unique characteristics. So, the time spent together was filled with laughter.

AKJ: Yea… the character Namu is a looser and a nerd character (laughter)


Host: Director Ahn, there is an original work on this movie. What are some of the areas that you emphasized while re-writing for the movie?

AKJ: The subject matter of the original work was very fun. It mixes the world’s end with super natural power and romance. In terms of making this into a visual version, the subject matter is unique but it’s something that we’ve seen a lot. I tried to unravel it in a way that haven’t been seen in TV drama or movie before. Therefore, I approached it in a way that the original author’s imagination is amplified.


Host: If you can have any superpower what would it be?

SES: It could be a bit trivial but you know you have erase make ups after your schedule is over. It’s so tiring to erase them. So, some power that will help expedite that process?


Host: What is the charm of SF genre?

AKJ: In terms of the subject matter, it requires a lot of imagination. The way you can compare/metaphor the present through an expanded world. The fact that I was able to show the present through that created world was something that was most fun.

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