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The UK’s first K-POP Girl Band KAACHI Invited To Seoul To Perform At K-POP Superfest!

KAACHI fly to Seoul for the debut of K-POP Superfest

In August 2021, KAACHI – London based Kpop girl band flew to Seoul to perform at New Beginnings with K-POP Superfest. The show was featured on the major TV channel, SBS, in Seoul, South Korea.

KAACHI was set to perform ‘Photo Magic’ and their remake of the 90’s K-POP song ‘Get up’ for SBS TV show broadcasting to millions of people in South Korea.

KAACHI performed ‘Photo Magic’ to spread their message “Unlock your magic” and “Unlock your potential”. A message which made the beginning of KAACHI, something that is close to the hearts of the members. With limited access to K-POP training or resources in London, it was very difficult to even imagine following their dreams or hopes to be K-POP artists. Like the single ‘Photo Magic’, they believe in their faith and they kept pushing for their dreams.

In the MV, the narrative follows KAACHI as they hang out at a bar and where they find a mirror, which unlocks a secret pathway. Walking through a dark path, they found a box and opened it. The narrative is a hint to their tagline “Unlock Your Magic”. They journey may be difficult or unexpected but if you keep trying you will be able to achieve anything.

The mirror represents KAACHI’s hidden talent, the dark pathway highlights their struggles and challenges and the box displays a new opportunity – at the end, KAACHI is able to open the box meaning the opportunity is unlocked. “Unlock your magic”

KAACHI’s invitation to Seoul, proves their journey and accomplishments of Photo Magic.

Coco, who performed and recorded in Seoul, shared her experience: “It was very difficult to visit Seoul with the Covid-19 pandemic. We had to go through 2 weeks of Government Facilitated Quarantine and had to obey strict guidelines and rules. Thankfully, many people in Seoul welcomed us and supported our journey! I can’t wait to come back to Seoul again.

Monica Hyerim Lee, FrontRow’s CEO and KAACHI’s Executive Producer shared that “ The members have been working really hard with both teams to ensure we could get the best results possible. I have faith in Nicole, Coco, Chunseo that FrontRow will share Korea Special Journey as they continue to develop their careers.”

The show was on air on the 2nd of September through SBS TV and their streaming platform. Also on the line up was: KARD, EVERGLOW, MCND, A.C.E, ALEXA, SanE, Dongkiz, W24, Sehwang Kim, Jiwon Woo, SwayD and many others.

KAACHI is a British Pop girl group formed by FrontRow Records, consisting of members Coco, Nicole and Chunseo. They debuted on 15 April 2020 with the digital single “Your Turn” hitting over 20 million YouTube views, debut story was featured with Channel4 documentary ‘The UK’s first K-pop girl group” (August 2020). Their second single ‘Photo Magic’ (November 4th 2020) and their latest release ‘The One Thing’ (19th August 2021) and ‘Extra Special (3rd September 2021)’.

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