Busan Virtual Tour with Little Prince #10

“Hello. I am Little prince, a.k.a Busan ambassador who is going to introduce the current state of busan city to you.”

In this episode, we will introduce “Activities you can enjoy in Busan”.

In Busan, you can experience not only the Ocean, but also indoor activities.

We would like to tour the cable car, cruise, and experience facilities together.

  • ‘BUSAN AIR CRUISE’ is located at Songdo Beach, Korea’s first public beach.
  •  ‘JAGALCHI CRUISE’ is a marine tourism cruise ship that tours the southern port of Busan.
  • ‘RUNNIG MAN BUSAN’ is a museum with the motif of SBS’ entertainment program Running Man.

Shall we go away together?

Please watch the video for details:

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