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Cast Members of iQiyi’s Well-Loved K-Series Bad and Crazy Gets Real in an Exclusive Interview Session

Following the overwhelmingly positive response received from fans of iQiyi’s latest original K-series Bad and Crazy that made its debut on 17th December, its cast members came together to speak about the show in an exclusive interview. Starring heartthrobs Lee Dong Wook, Wi Ha Jun and supporting cast members Han Ji-eun and Cha Hak Yeon, Bad and Crazy is produced by the team behind The Uncanny Counter.

During the interview, Lee was unanimously praised for being a caring member of the team by taking good care of his colleagues. The exact words Han used to describe Lee was – a kind person with a poker face. “Even though he looks indifferent sometimes, he often comes over and cares for everyone. It’s a surprising contrast,” he said.

Echoing Han’s thoughts, Cha felt the same way about Lee and how he is always ready to help those in need during the filming process. Cha also recalled the times when he has leaned on Lee and how Lee used his jacket to protect him from splashing water. “I have a lot of caring and wonderful recollections of Lee on set,” said Cha. Meanwhile, Wi agreed and said, “I have many scenes together with Lee and it is amazing that he can take care of the fine details.”

In the series, Wi plays a charming police officer named K who is a strong advocate for justice. Despite possessing an all work and no play demeanor, Wi effortlessly exudes charm with his killer smiles and comedic performances. When asked about this, Lee said that his smiles are really contagious. “When I first met Wi, I thought that he was lukewarm at the beginning but then he turned out to be a polite and caring person who takes his work very seriously. I find him charismatic too,” said Lee.

Cha on the other hand calls Wi a workaholic as he gives his all and a little bit more in all his scenes. However, Lee quickly interjected and corrected Cha by saying that he misunderstood Wi for being a workaholic. “Wi is already great at action scenes so he is still able to complete his scenes in one take even if he is not in his workaholic mode,” said Lee.

When asked about their most desired pet names or labels in the series, Wi said that he would like to be called Sexy K while Cha opted for The Best Youngest in the police station. Han hoped people would describe her as Cool and Beautiful. “It is a major challenge for me to play such a clear-minded and fierce role for the first time,” said Han.

It was also revealed that Han and Cha were the most talkative cast members on set. “Although I did not have many scenes with Han but we always end up chatting for a long time,” said Cha. Lee also jumped in to agree with Cha. “I often filmed 10 to 12 scenes a day and when I meet Han at the 8th or 9th scene, I would already be exhausted by then but she would still be so energetic. When she talked, all I could do was mumble in response,” he said.

To view this exclusive and hilarious interview, visit iQiyi International’s YouTube channel now for the full clip.

Bad and Crazy promises a drama filled with action, dark comedy, suspense and crime, and is set to take viewers on an entertaining ride. It also tells a story about how the main casts revive humanity. New episodes are set to exclusively simulcast with Korea on Fridays and Saturdays at 9.50pm (SGT) globally across 191 territories on the iQiyi International app and www.iQ.com.

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