SNOWDROP : When Connections Are Made, Skepticism Grew As Well! Recap and review from Episode 10 and 11

Episode 10

No, we did not escape the hostage episodes and it will remain this way.

Kang Cheong-ya or Moran Hill 2 has shown her ice cold decision, not hesitating to push the button to destroy one part of the building even if Comrade Eung-cheol stood guarding there. She is now in command as her identity is now revealed.

The explosion made headlines and it is so loathsome to see the only thing that Yong-ro’s father’s wife, Aera only cares about is the ‘13 virgins death’ which should be the condition for her husband to climb up the ladder according to the fortuneteller.

A new character has emerged, seen to be fooling around with women and substances. We are yet to know who but it seems like this young man could make Ahn Kyung-hee, General Director of Investigation, bow to him.

Trust in between Yong-ro and Soo-ho is broken as she throws the necklace that he cherished so much to the floor.

Remember that Soo-ho made Hanna obtain the evidence that the government he is serving is trying to kill him?

Soo-ho told Comrade Kang about this and of course was not met with enthusiasm, reaffirming that they should just obey the order given by the North. She even fired a warning shot near Soo-ho, a sign that she would not hesitate to kill him.

We get to see Miss Pi’s history which involves being threatened by the ruling party’s government which is a spit in Kang-moo’s face who is currently serving the government.

There is a small little story going on with Boon Ok and Comrade Joo worth noting, both in the romantic perspective as well as a lesson to be learned from her desperation to be someone.

Yes, Soo-ho gets to listen to the hard evidence, despatched by Hanna! He even confirmed that the order came directly from his ‘father’ which we discovered later, were not blood-related.

By the end of this episode, the table has turned, ONCE AGAIN.

Soo-ho decided to work with Kang-moo, a new pact has taken place in the building!


Episode 11

The episode opens with Soo-ho barging angrily to the basement and agreeing with Kang-moo. They made a pact that none of the spies should die just like how the hostages should remain alive.

Boon Ok made several, remarkably distasteful things that would made anyone’s blood boil so lets save that for viewers’ own discretion. What is worth noting is her tiny gesture towards the brutal Comrade Joo is being returned.

I love this episode best as it has plenty of comic relief after numerous stressful scenes.

Making the students understand that the hostage situation is pure election scheme is a challenge as they believe the South government wouldn’t do that to them. Much like how Dr. Kang and Comrade Joo refused to believe that the North has directed the spies to be killed.

Table has turned at the outside too as Ahn Kyung-hee were made chief of OPC, which means his wife Charlotte no longer had to personally serve Nam Taeil’s wife.

We get to see how Soo-ho has actually saved Dr. Kang’s life twice in her flashback where she promised to repay him when they meet again.

Camcorder was sent to ensure the hostages are all good but what appears in the tape were happy students enjoying fried chicken which calms Yong-ro’s father but infuriated Nam Tae-il as it did not tally with the concept he had in mind. The students supposed to look scared for the news so people would hate the communist and allow ruling party to gain points.

The romantic attic date has returned! Yong-ro made Soo-ho smile again after some time. They talked about erasing memories they didn’t like as they sip freshly brewed coffee.

And Soo-ho asked Yong-ro to forget a new memory created at the moment – they finally had not one but two kisses!

Eight days left until election day. It is not the matter of escaping the hostage anymore but to save themselves from being killed by the higher ups that did not care an ounce of their well-being unless related.

As a teaser, it seems that there is someone in the dorm who leaked information to the ASNP that we don’t know of!

Stay tuned to our review next week.

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