Netflix Renews Korean Series SWEET HOME for Two More Seasons

The original cast, including Song Kang and Lee Jin-wook will return, alongside new additions to the star-studded lineup.

Netflix today confirms the back-to-back production of Sweet Home Seasons 2 and 3, with an expanded storyline and cast.

Beloved stars Song Kang and Lee Jin-wook will return, along with original cast members Lee Si-young, Ko Min-si, and Park Kyu-young. They will reunite with hit director Lee Eung-bok to tell the unfinished story of the survivors of Green Home. Newly-confirmed cast members Yoo Oh-seong, Oh Jung-se, Kim Moo-yeol, and Jung Jin-young round up the ensemble.

“Season 2 will include a new setting, and the technical details that we could not refine in Season 1 will be further honed in Season 2,” said Director Lee, hinting at a wider franchise universe and even more stunning visuals.

When Season 1 landed on Netflix in 2020, its terrifying monsters and clever storytelling set a new benchmark in the creature feature genre, winning rave reviews from fans. South China Morning Post described it as “grisly fun”, while Decider made the call to stream it because “Sweet Home distinguishes itself by its setting and its monsters.”

The series went on to win international awards such as the 2021 Asian Academy Creative Awards (AACA) and the 3rd Asia Contents Awards.

Production Information

Title: Sweet Home
Directed by: Lee Eung-bok
Original work: Kim Carnby, Hwang Young-chan (Naver Webtoon)
Cast: Song Kang, Lee Jin-uk, Lee Si-young, Ko Min-si, Park Kyu-young, Yoo Oh-seong, Oh Jung-se, Kim Moo-yeol, Jung Jin-young, et al.
Distributed by: Netflix
Produced by: Studio Dragon, Studio N

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