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[Interview] Work Later, Drink Now Casts Sit Together To Talk About Their Drama’s Latest Season

<Work Later, Drink Now> Season 2 tells the story about three friends whose life philosophies revolved around having drinks together after work will return with a relatable and heart-warming story. Starring Lee Sun-bin as Ahn So-hee – A workaholic broadcast writer; Han Sun-hwa as Han Ji-yeon – A ditzy yoga instructor; Jeong Eun-ji as Kang Ji-gu – A stony origami YouTuber; and Choi Si-won as Kang Book-goo – An entertainment producer director (PD) working in the same department as writer Ahn So-hee.

Q: How did you feel when you got the script for Season 2?

Jung Eun-ji: When I first got it, I didn’t know what to do. How are we going to do this?

Lee Sun-bin: It’s gotten to a much bigger scale

Jung Eun-ji: This is a blockbuster level feat.

Choi Si-won: I think we all felt the same way looking at the script.

Jung Eun-ji: I thought we are going to a deserted island (laughs)

Lee Sun-bin: Our “Work Later, Drink Now 2” team basically visited every part of the country.

Q: Do you have anything in common with your on-screen character?

Lee Sun-bin: I think “Soo-hee” and I share a lot in common. We get fixated on when we get drunk; it makes acting much easier and when I am saying my lines. It is not that hard to speak like my character. So even I think we share quite a lot in common.

Choi Si-won: Sun-bin never really gets angry, no matter what happens.

Lee Sun-bin: But in “Work Later, Drink Now”, you can see “Soo-hee”’s explosive temper and I think we’re kind of similar in that way too.

Q: What will “Ji-yeon” be like in this season?

Han Sun-hwa: She still puts her soul into it. This time, she still has high energy levels, but a little different. It is different because her situation is different. That bright and positive energy from the first season is still there but… I almost dropped a spoiler!

Q: How does it feel to be back as “Ji-gu”?

Jung Eun-ji: This is the first time I am filming a second season for a drama. I’ve been curious to know how the characters have been doing, because the ending in Season 1 was both happy and not that happy. I wonder how things have gone since then. I wanted to know how they’ve been doing so it’s really nice to see them again. I’m home and I’m back as “Ji-gu”. But “Ji-gu” also felt unfamiliar in a way. It feels like “Ji-gu” has changed a little, so I find it a little difficult to bring her back to the original character.

Q: Can we expect greater chemistry between “Kang Book-goo” and “Ahn Soo-hee”?

Choi Si-won: The chemistry between the two has changed a little. In my opinion, I have become clingier towards her. I already couldn’t live without her, but now I really can’t live without her. In addition, I am being a bit of a nuisance too.

Q: Can you give us a small spoiler?

Jung Eun-ji: There was a situation that involved leaving the civilized world behind. We filmed in the summer but the scene is set in the winter. The art team worked so hard for us. And we did it all by ourselves with no stunt people.

Choi Si-won: We really travelled all over the country.

Q: We hear there is a cross-walk dance scene as good as season one’s dance club scene?

Jung Eun-ji: You can’t really call that a dance… just “moving”. It’s something that we’re also excited about.

Choi Si-won: We are the Beatles of this generation (laughs)

Q: We heard this is the first Korean drama to have a special scene for biorhythms?

Jung Eun-ji: To get our biorhythm in sync, we started living together. That’s all we will say for now.

Q: A message to viewers who are waiting for season two?

Choi Si-won: Compared to Season 1, our energy has gone up even more.

Jung Eun-ji: We have even greater chemistry.

Choi Si-won: And there will be new characters as well. People who enjoyed Season 1 will enjoy the second season even more.

Lee Sun-bin: In Season 1, we felt like we were working so hard to bring joy to viewers and we felt we did our best. But now we realize we still have even more to give. We’re working really hard to bring you big laughs this time round too, so please anticipate it.

Jung Eun-ji : Just like the first season, actually, even more than the last season, we are pouring all our energy into the filming. You’ll be able to see a different storyline and see things expressed in a different way.

Han Sun-hwa: If the first season was mostly set at Obokjib, or episodes of the three girls as they shared drinks, this time round, the story will change a little, and there will be a lot of deep meaning embedded in the story. So, I think a lot of people will relate to this season too. We think you’ll like it.

<Work Later, Drink Now> Season 2 airs every Saturday, 9.15pm with two back-to-back episodes on tvN (Astro CH395 & Astro Go | unifi tV CH211 & unifi playTV).

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