WayV Comes Back With “On My Youth” Album!

WayV returns with new album “On My Youth”

The second full-length album by the NCT sub-group follows a big year of international shows



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“WayV steps into their new era” – DAZED

“The second half of 2023 is shaping up to become a major threshold for the sextet” – NME

WayV returns with their second full-length album “On My Youth”. The release follows an incredible year of international shows for the NCT sub-group, which included London fan-meet event in summer and their debut US performance at KCON LA. Listen to the album HERE.

From up-tempo synth-pop and bass-heavy hip-hop dance tracks to atmospheric and intimate ballads, “On My Youth” is a multifaceted record that showcases the group’s growth.

The title track is a bittersweet mid-tempo reflecting on the past and regrets of love lost in the follies of youth. “I know they say that we’re too young, every day we’re growing… we gon’ make mistakes, we’ll get there even if it’s late,” they sing. Watch the music video HERE. ‘On My Youth’ – which is also accompanied by an English version on the album – is co-written by British hit songwriters Jin Jin (who has worked with Jess Glynne and RAYE) and Wayne Hector (Nicki Minaj, One Direction).

The more confident, up-tempo sides of the album are highlighted by ‘Poppin’ Love’, where WayV channels Y2K dance-pop elements, and ‘RODEO’, a slick rap track propelled by a bass-heavy house beat, performed by the group’s rap unit: WINWIN, HENDERY and YANGYANG.

Inspiring themes of overcoming hardships ring loud on ‘Ain’t No Thang’ – a dance-pop track powered by bouncy, synth chords – and ‘INVINCIBLE’, a big-beat and synth-laden celebration of staying strong in the face of adversity, which, sung almost entirely in English, is assured to be a favourite.

Elsewhere, tender moments shine on ‘No One But You’ – a romantic, acoustic guitar-led pop mid-tempo telling the story of sweet memories of everyday life with a loved one – which is contrasted sonically by ‘Moonlight’, a dramatic fusion of rap and dreamy R&B vocals accompanied by orchestral strings.

The delicate piano ballad ‘Lighthouse’ – featuring WayV’s vocal unit: KUN, TEN and XIAOJUN – expresses a yearning for love. KUN also co-wrote the lyrics on ‘Be Alright’, the group’s song dedication to fans and themselves, assuring everyone that “you don’t have to walk this lonely road… we gon’ be alright, everything’s gonna be alright”.

The “On My Youth” album arrives almost a year after their fourth EP “Phantom”, which set them up for their first-ever international Fan-Meet Tour, which brought WayV to Europe for the first time with shows in London and Paris. The past four years have seen WayV establish themselves as a unique and respected group with an exceptional performance style. This album is a testament to these years of development, as well as their ambition, drive and creative gift as a group.

“On My Youth” album tracklist:

On My Youth

Poppin’ Love

Ain’t No Thang

No One But You





Be Alright

On My Youth (English Version)

Photo credit: SM Entertainment


WayV, the China-based sub-group of NCT, debuted in January 2019 with “The Vision – The 1st Digital EP”. All three tracks placed within the top ten on Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart, including lead single ‘Regular’, the Chinese version of NCT 127’s hit song. The group splits their time between China and Korea, focusing on the Mandarin-speaking market but also participating in events typically associated with the K-Pop industry. The group’s sound encompasses all genres including hip-hop, rock-inflected dance tracks, R&B and pop. Visually, the group uses cinematic music videos featuring rich plotlines as WayV expand upon their own universe. WayV are KUN, TEN, WINWIN, XIAOJUN, HENDERY and YANGYANG.

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