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[Event Coverage] Kim Jae Joong at Day 2 of Korea Travel Fest 2023

The two day Korea Travel Fest 2023 ended with a bang! As singer/actor Kim Jae Joong meets fan during the Meet and Greet session of the Korea Travel Fest.

A year since his last visit to Malaysia, his return back was definitely anticipated by the fans. As the lights dimmed, fans started chanting for “Abang Jaejoong!!” (Jae Joong Oppa in Malay). Seconds later, Jae Joong showed up and kicked off the meet and greet with the song One Kiss.

Kim Jae Joong was happy seeing his fans at Korea Travel Fest 2023

During the meet and greet, Jae Joong was given a taste of Malaysia (literally). A mouthwatering bowl of something was brought to the stage, Jae Joong and the audience has to guess which dish is presented. Upon taking a sip, Jae Joong described the dish as something spicy, having a fish and tomato based broth, and delicious (we later found out it was Curry Laksa). He continued eating and said “its really good, I want to eat more of it” and proceeded to eat more, including a whole shrimp. Unfortunately he had to stop, as time was running out.

As he sadly said goodbye to the scrumptious dish, a mystery box was brought up on stage. Three parts of the box was covered, except for the part facing the audience, so as to let the audience know what it is. The idol has to touch the item in the box and guess what it is. While being playful and asking the audience for description, he did not manage to guess – it’s Chapteh, a feathered shuttlecock. Jae Joong recognised it and in awe of it’s similarities to a Korean traditional game Jegichagi (제기차기). His mission, is to balance and keep the chapteh in the air for at least five times. Alas, he failed with only managing to keep it in the air for three times.

After introducing Malaysia to Jae Joong, the audience were in turn introduced to some information on Jae Joong. Born in Gongju City, few hours South of Seoul, Jae Joong would recommend fans a visit to the city. He also mentioned that he likes spicy food such as Kimchi Jjigae.

Jae Joong continued performing several songs including Walking On Water, In This World, and Now Is Good, before ending the meet and greet. The idol vowed to come back again, and to look out for his 20th anniversary album coming soon.

We would like to thank our friends at the Korea Tourism Organization Malaysia for the invitation.


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