Laneíge Make-Up Workshop

Last weekend, my sister and I did very girlie stuff on Saturday. I went to a make-up workshop while Liz went for a detox and massage session. She had to sit in a large sauna-like urn and sweated all her toxins out along with 400 calories. 😉 But we won’t be blogging about that here, as it is non-Korean related. Me on the other hand, went to Korean cosmetic brand – Laneíge’s make-up workshop.

This is not an advertorial. I paid good money (RM50 to be exact) to attend this workshop. I must say that the money was well spent as I learned a lot from the session and got to take home loads of goodies. Read on to find out…


The workshop was conducted at Laneíge’s spanking new office at The Gardens, Mid Valley.

I was at The Gardens, Mid Valley early on a Saturday morning

When I first stepped in, I was impressed with the make-up stations and atmosphere. The room in which we were to have the workshop was bright and clean. It had white lacquered tables, loads of make-up products and brushes for each participant to experiment. A huge Song Hye Kyo lighted image and shelves of
Laneíge products are on display tastefully along one of the walls.

Everyone arrived on time as we were told that our session would start at 9:30am. But it actually begins at 10am. Refreshments were served right outside the room. After having our fill of mini tartlets and orange juice or coffee, the workshop started.

There were 17 participants.



The session began with Celine Diong, Laneíge Malaysia Marketing Manager introducing the brand. She explained that many have difficulty and hesitate to say the brand name. Many women have ask how to pronounce “Laneíge”.

Well, I couldn’t agree more. Only the other day over dinner, one of my friends asked me this very same question.

Laneíge is pronounced “la nej” and rhymes with the word “edge”.

Laneíge means “The Snow” in French.

Our trainer for the day was Laneíge International Trainer, Jin Lee who flew in all the way from Seoul, Korea. Oh yay! A bonafide Korean make-up artist to train us? I was happy and excited.

Jin Lee is really fluent in English and she explained about our skin function, structure of the skin and how to take care of our skin. Our mental and emotional well being is reflected on our skin. Lee advised us to lead a happy, healthy and balanced life with a nutritious diet and to get lots of exercise to promote good skin. She also explained the difference between skin type and skin concerns. Jin Lee also gave us beauty tips which I will elaborate on later.

Jin Lee, International Trainer from Seoul was our skin coach for the day


After listening to around one and a half hours of lecture on skin care and Laneíge products, we were more than ready to try out the make-up products we had right in front of us. My fingers were itching to touch the colourful square eye-shadow palettes at the center of the table. I wanted to see how those colours would look like on my tanned skin.


Jin Lee began to demonstrate how to apply make-up on a model but this idea was quickly abandoned because the room got too noisy and everyone was busy experimenting on their own. Each table had a dedicated make-up artist to help us out. With all the commotion, Jin decided to throw the demo out the window, and let us begin.

In retrospect, I would have liked it if she continued with the demo. It’s not everyday you get a Korean make-up artist come to show you the ropes.


Skipping the demo we were told to prep our skin (the canvas) by applying foundation, concealer and some greenish liquid onto the eye area. The greenish liquid is actually called Skin Veil Makeup Base and it comes in light green, light purple or light peach. It helps to correct your skin tone where needed.

The foundation that we tried on was the Snow Crystal Dual Foundation. The foundation comes with a matching concealer (packaging is quite cool). The concealer is a shade lighter than the foundation and helps to cover unsightly blemishes. After applying the foundation, concealer and skin veil, my face immediately appeared brighter and I believe the word is luminescence.

After applying the Snow Crystal Dual Foundation, you will
achieve glowing,
luminescence skin like Song Hye Kyo.
Unfortunately, if you have very dark skin tone,
there will be no
Laneíge foundation in your shade (at least not yet!)

Although the foundation did make my face glow, I do not think I can take long term application of it. I need a non-comedogenic foundation. This one I feel, would clog up my pores.

Next we were asked to use the eye-shadow palettes provided to create two different looks – a clean natural look for daytime using the brown palette and a dramatic night look using the pink palette. I applied the day look on my left eye and the dramatic pink on the right.

After carefully scrutinizing my work, I decided I liked the day look better. The brownish bronze colours suited my yellowish tanned skin tone. So I removed the pink shadow and applied the day look on my right eye too. I can’t be going out in public with both eyes differently made up can I?

Despite it being a Korean brand, I noticed that the eye-shadow is made in Italy. Celine, the Marketing Manager told me that to bring its clients the best in products, the company sources from all over the world.

The brown ‘daytime’ palette. It consist of 4 carefully selected
eyeshadow squares. 


I really like the Long Lash Mascara and High Perm Curling Mascara they let us try out. There are two different techniques used when applying these mascaras.

First apply the Long Lash Mascara to create volume and lengthen your lashes. Start by looking down and coating some mascara on top of your lashes. Then apply to the bottom of lash with a zigzag motion. The mascara will be trapped in between your lashes creating intense volume and making it look like you have thick lush lashes. At the same time, it lengthens your lashes.

Next, apply the High Perm Curling Mascara with normal strokes (don’t use zigzag now) to the bottom of the lash. The special brush will make your lash curl up.

It’s amazing! I looked like I had fake lashes on. I want to take these products home! And lucky for me, the High Perm Curling Mascara miniature was in the workshop goodie bag.

To finish off, I applied the Snow Crystal Sheer Lip Gloss and cheek colour provided.

Oh yes, i almost forgot to mention one other product that I really like (besides the fab mascaras!)…the eye liner pencil (with sharpener) was quite good. Usually when I apply pencil eyeliner, it smudges on my oily skin towards the end of the day creating unsightly panda-like eyes. But this eyeliner pencil did not smudge. Wanna take home this too. 😉


You not only get to listen to skin care tips and try out cool products, you get to bring some of them home with you! How cool is that?







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