KBS Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio Live Recording

” We can’t come to Seoul and leave without seeing a single k-pop celebrity!”, says Carolyn.

Thanks to Carolyn, a fellow blogger from Singapore, I caught a KBS Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (or fondly known as SUKIRA) show live recording!

Super Junior KBS Kiss the Radio

Hide & Seek: Ee Teuk and Eun Hyuk in the recording studio

It was a chilly Friday night (10 December 2010) and although the temperature was below zero degrees, around 50 female fans crowded round the large glass window panels at the front of KBS building trying to catch a glimpse of Super Junior members Ee Teuk (real name Park Jungsu) and Eun Hyuk (real name Lee Hyukjae) behind the mic. The pair have been hosting Kiss the Radio since August 2006!

Kiss the Radio comes on air every night from 10pm – midnight. The radio show sees DJ Ee Teuk and Eun Hyuk interviewing other music artist. There’s also a bit of singing and playing games.

Super Junior KBS Kiss the Radio

Saranghae! Fun & games galore

On the particular night I was at the studio, female trio Orange Caramel were guests on the show. They chatted with Ee Teuk and Eun Hyuk – i didn’t understand what they were saying because although there’s a huge TV screen right in front of the glass window, there were no subtitles.

Raina, Nana and Lizzy then sang a Korean song and an English song and left 30-minutes before midnight.

Super Junior KBS Kiss the Radio

Huge flat screen tv provides a better view, but only for those right in front!

Ee Teuk and Eun Hyuk looked slightly bored as they continued on with the show, spinning songs and  bantering among themselves. Fans outside cheered them on by displaying fan boards, placards and glow sticks. I am sure Ee Teuk and Eun Hyuk were encouraged by the display of love and support. Moreover, it was freezing outside!


Super Junior KBS Kiss the Radio

Fans stand outside in the cold, showing their support

I spotted fans from Korea, Japan, Thailand and of course Singapore and Malaysia! 🙂

Super Junior KBS Kiss the Radio

Super Junior KBS Kiss the Radio

At midnight, the radio show ended and the boys walked to the front of the studio, nearer to where the fans were peering from behind the glass windows. Cameras started to click furiously and the boys waved to their fans and vice-versa.

Super Junior KBS Kiss the Radio

As soon as the boys left the studio, fans practically ran into KBS building, pass the front doors, into the lobby, and waited for Ee Teuk and Eun Hyuk to come out of the elevators. After around 5 minutes of waiting, the Producer of the show appeared. This sort of gave a hint to the fans that the boys would have already left the building.

Fans then started running outside (and i followed) and we caught a glimpse of a white vehicle leaving the building. Ee Teuk rolled down the window and waved to the fans. I only made it in time to see an arm waving from the opened window.

Bye bye Ee Teuk and Eun Hyuk. Sleep well.

By then it was after midnight and the cold winter night got even chillier. Carolyn and I then took a cab back to our hotel.

Super Junior KBS Kiss the Radio

KBS Building, Yoeido

Watch the video, Orange Caramel on Super Junior’s KBS Kiss the Radio (SUKIRA) – 10 December 2010.

Trip to Korea courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization Malaysia



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