BoA wants to show her tomboyish side to the US

She’s no pretty wallflower. In fact, she is a tomboy and that’s exactly what BoA wants to show everyone as she debuts in America.

Tomboy: ‘Whadda you lookin’ at?’

The 23-year-old told LA Weekly, “I never tried to be sexy. You know, most people say that Asian or female artists should be sexy in America, but I don’t think that I have to be like that.

“I have a tomboy style. My choreography is not that way. So, I want to focus on my music style to match the choreography, which is really cool. No girls can dance those moves. I try to make them really fresh.”

If you’ve seen BoA’s Eat You Up MV (3rd version) you’ll probably nod your head in agreement.

The singer/dancer will be performing at Universal City Walk on Saturday (March 21) at 6.30pm. There will also be a meet-and-greet session for 125 people.

For the complete interview with BoA on LA Weekly, hit this link. Special thanks to writer Liz Ohanesian for sharing her interview with us ;-).

Check out BoA’s Did It for Love MV

BoA ‘Did It For Love’

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