The Invincible Song Seung-hun & Joo Jin-mo meet the press

Korean heartthrobs Song Seung-hun, Joo Jin-mo, Kim Kang-woo and Jo Han-seon met the South Korean press at 2pm on Sept 8.

PSSST: ‘Yo dude, your fly’s open.’

The Hallyuwood actors were out to promote their latest flick The Invincible, a Korean remake of John Woo’s 1986 A Better Tomorrow.

Directed by Song Hae-sung (Failan, Our Happy Time), the story revolves around a North Korean special agent who is freed and settles down in South Korea, only to get entangled in the underworld.

INTRODUCING: (l-r) Song Seung-hun, Joo Jin-mo, Song Hae-sung (director),
Kim Kang-woo & Jo Han-seon

The film boasts a 10 billion won (USD 8.5mil) budget and is a collaborative project between South Korea, China, Japan and Thailand. The Invincible will be released in South Korea on Sept 16.

Sounds like an interesting movie. Which reminds me, I haven’t seen a Korean flick in a long time :(.

PFFFT: ‘I want a vanilla milkshake after
this press con.’


PLUG: ‘It’s an awesome show, I guarantee
you that.’


WATCH IT: ‘Yeah, what Jin-mo hyung said.’


REBEL: You don’t like the way I dress?
Well, eat my…beanie.’

Source: MSN News

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