SNSD’s Japanese activities to start soon!

Fans of SoShi eagerly anticipate April 27th, the date marking the release of SNSD’s third Japanese single, “Mr. Taxi” (which has been delayed due to the recent natural disasters in Japan). A couple of teasers to SNSD’s Japanese Music Video for Run Devil Run were aired on various Japanese shows. In particular, one full-screen teaser, which triggered much favourable response with Tae Yeon, the group’s leader sporting a sassy, short hair-do.

On April 9th, the Music Video to the Japanese Run Devil Run was finally released and comments on it had so far been very positive with many feeling that it is an upgrade from the Korean version. What say you?

SNSD’s “Mr. Taxi”, coming soon

SM Entertainment revealed that the girls have been working hard these days and are glad that they will be meeting their Japanese fans soon with their new image, which will be revealed in full-force, along with the release of “Mr. Taxi”. Their Japanese site has also revealed another teaser to Run Devil Run (this one containing a 2 second preview of “Mr. Taxi”!)

On the other hand, SNSD’s Korean fans are equally excited as it was proven that Yoona and Sunny from SNSD have participated in the recording of popular variety show, “Running Man” on April 4th at the Dong Dae Moon flee market and are waiting for the episode to air in Korea soon.

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